The Ryan Chronicles Book Cover The Ryan Chronicles
The Ryan Chronicles Books 4, 5, & 6
J.E. Taylor
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
JET-Fueled Fiction
January 14, 2016

Someone is murdering people, draining them dry, and the police suspect it may be a vampire. When the captain of the York police department turns to Tom Ryan and his paranormal investigation agency for help, Tom takes one look at the crime scene photos and knows the killer isn’t a blood sucker.

Tom and his business partner compare the murders with a list of angel descendants and a chilling pattern is confirmed. Angel bloodlines are being extinguished, and there are only a handful left between the killer’s hunting ground and their family in York.

They must stop the assassin before he can cross off any more names on his hit list.

In the aftermath of his wife's death, Tom Ryan cannot breathe when his three-year-old daughter, Hannah, is out of his sight. His over protectiveness falls into the realm of paranoia, born from the fear that Lucifer is not done with him yet.

When that same apprehension manifests in his daughter, he realizes he needs to deal with his issues before his terror poisons Hannah’s innocence. Just when he manages to get a grip on his separation anxiety, his worst nightmare comes to fruition.

Desperate to save Hannah from the devil's grip, Tom will do just about anything to get her back, even if it means the ultimate act of betrayal.

Duty is a double-edged sword. It means putting yourself last, ripping you away from everyone you love while you complete an unreasonable quest just to keep them safe.

Tom Ryan left York. He left everything he loves to safeguard the last angel descendants.

Now he’s back, still damned, still persecuted. Prophecy says York will burn, and everyone left who matters to Tom is in York. With no time to catch up and reconnect, Tom is thrust into a battle he’s destined to lose.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin by stating I did not read any of the books preceding this one and had no problem following the story. What made it even better for me was that as a trilogy, I received all the books together and didn’t have to wait. Each book ends in a cliffhanger which I greatly dislike, but since I could go from one book to the next, I did not mind. I will review each book individually since they can be purchased separately.


ANGEL BLOOD: Book 4 – 5*****Stars

In the Ryan Chronicles Trilogy I, CJ Ryan’s story was told now it is his brother Tom’s turn. CJ and his wife Valerie just had a son and some of CJ’s reactions were priceless, especially when he called Tom screaming there was a flood, water everywhere what should he do? Since Tom has a beautiful three year old daughter, Hannah, with his wife Raven, he didn’t hesitate in yelling at CJ to get to the hospital. Tom and his partner, Damian, own and operate a paranormal investigation business. He is called on to help when bodies turn up with marks on their necks and all their blood gone. At first look, it would appear to be vampires, but Tom knows immediately that is not the case.

It doesn’t take long before Tom, Damian, CJ and Steve realize the dead are all members of an angel’s bloodline. Tom knows Lucifer will do anything to get back at them and his promise to kill Hannah and Raven. Hannah has angel blood, so she will probably be drained and Raven would die a brutal death to get back at Tom for refusing to help Lucifer in destroying Damian.

A lot happens in this book and some of it was horrendous and heartbreaking. I have no intention of giving anything away, but highly recommend this book alone or as part of the trilogy. Do not read the next review since it will have spoilers.


ANGEL FIRE: Book 5 – 5*****Stars

The problem with reviewing each book as one review is that you risk giving away important parts of the book prior. So before you read any further stop until you finish book 4. Tom’s worst fears have come true when Hannah and Raven are taken by one of Lucifer’s men. Tom knows he has little or no time to find the two most important people in his life. Captain O’Keefe, who asked for Tom’s help to find the killer who was draining the victims, is dead. When Tom finally realizes where his family is being held, he finds Hannah nearly dead when half her blood is taken. Raven is filled with bloodstones, which were pumped into her. Her rectum was closed and her mouth taped shut to keep the stones in place. She never had a chance. It is only her ghost and the thought of saving his child that keeps him from totally falling apart.

Tom knows Hannah is still not safe, and his panic begins to manifest in Hannah. He never lets her out of his sight and, of course, she is well aware of what happened to her mother. He needs to protect her while not smothering the life out of her, easier said than done. When Captain O’Keefe’s niece, Bridget, comes to work at the agency with Tom and Damian things take a turn, but is it a good one or a bad one? When Tom’s worst nightmare comes true, he has to make a decision that would betray someone close to him.


ANGEL FURY: Book 6 – 5*****Stars

It has been almost ten years since Tom left to find and close all the portals. The death of Hannah and killing his best friend, Damian, left him no alternative but to do what he could to protect his family and friends and redeem himself. He also left Bridget with nothing more than a note. He has fallen in love with Bridget, but can’t allow himself the luxury of staying. The portals must be closed to ensure Lucifer can’t get any more angel blood. The only companion Tom had was a little puppy he adopted. Sam has been with him through everything.

When Tom returns home he is shocked to discover he has royally messed up. Even though it was unintentional, it appears Lucifer has been left topside with no portals to return to hell. Michael the Archangel just happened to leave out the part where Lucifer must be present before the last portal is closed. Michael is the first to approach Tom on his return and his greeting is not pleasant. Michael wants to kill Tom for killing Damian and eating his heart. It is only by eating the heart that he can harbor his grace. Now he harbors Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer’s grace since Michael and Gabriel were in Damian.

Tom also discovers that while he was gone and ignoring any calls from his brother, CJ, that almost all of the angel descendants have been killed and their blood taken for Lucifer and his army.

Tom also discovers he has a daughter with Bridget, a child he knew nothing about. Now more than ever, he must find a way to destroy Lucifer before there are no descendants left. He also realizes that when Michael attacked him that he destroyed Paradise Cove, the portal to heaven and the only way dead family members could return to visit. Tom is not the most loved person, Naomi and her children hate him for killing Damian, Bridget doesn’t want anything to do with him since he left her, and especially not with their daughter.

It is now time for the war between good and evil. It is also the time to see if Tom’s soul is damned and hell bound.

This trilogy was wonderful and the ending completed the Ryan Chronicles but was it an HEA?

*Winner: 3rd Place Best Urban Fantasy Romance Series – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards