Sabrina and the Gargoyle Book Cover Sabrina and the Gargoyle
Marie Dry
Paranormal Romance
Black Opal Books
May 6, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sabrina has been married a few short months to the love of her life, Mark Dimir. She only knew Mark for two weeks before she married him. This was something she would never do normally, but the loss of her mother and cousin left her alone and Mark filled the void. Her cousin died in the same car accident that damaged Sabrina’s knee, making walking difficult at times.

It didn’t take long before Sabrina began to see strange things about Mark, he could disappear and reappear out of nowhere, his eyes would glow, his teeth appear longer and he showed signs of having wings. Sabrina is convinced that the man she married is a vampire. As if these things weren’t enough to send her over the edge, Mark drags her to one party after another where the women all cling to him and he does nothing to stop them. He even sends her home alone leaving her to believe that he is cheating on her.

When her best friend, Mikaela, acts the same way as the other women she knows that something is wrong. She wants answers, but before she can get them, she is kidnapped by a gargoyle. Now she is surer than ever there are things out there that she only believed belonged in books and movies. She also knows Mark is definitely not human. She needs answers. When he rescues her, she finally discovers what her husband is, but I don’t want to reveal it in this review. She also begins to question whether or not she and Mark are actually married. She also knows he is able to do mind control on her. Was anything she remembered real? Or had he planted it all in her mind?

No matter how much she tries to hate Mark, she is unable to do so. Her love for him is unquestionable, but she doubts if he loves her. Mark’s actions are always loving, but words are important, especially the three words “I love you”.

I loved this book since it contained all the paranormal creatures I enjoy, witches, vampires, gargoyles, werewolves and a new creature called Drogge, ugly and evil and able to destroy the world. Sabrina is a wonderful character who is not afraid to say what is on her mind even when she is being held prisoner by a gargoyle. When a vampire hunter breaks into the house she doesn’t hesitate to go up to the man and yell at him for not knocking. I wish I had her courage. It is true Mark had a reason for the things he did, but will Sabrina be able to forgive him?