Safeword Book Cover Safeword
Power Exchange Book 2
A.J. Rose
M/M- BDSM/Mystery
The Grim Writer Press
November 15, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am so excited our book guild is reaching so many new writers. I just love finding new to me stories and authors. Just finished A.J. Rose’s Paranormal Reaper series which I adored and Power Exchange Book 1 of 3.This series has been one of the best sexy, murder mystery, with delving into the BDSM scene,  one book at a time.

So you think it was because of the sex right? This story was not anything hard core, it was intimate, with a male couple, one a Dom.  That Dom would be Dr. Ben Halverson. The other half of the couple is Detective Gavin DeGrassi, newly divorced from his wife and is free to follow something new,  his interest peeked when they met working together  to catch a Serial Killer. The killer’s third to be couple to kill were to be Ben and Gavin. Tortured, raped and beaten they have now returned after a years time off. The psychic scars have not yet healed and the lovers are broken.

Gavin’s nightmares haunt their bed with his tossing and screams; which feed the guilt of Ben who didn’t protect Gavin.   Back to work,  Gavin and his partner Myah set out on another horrible case. An officer found handcuffed to his bed, beaten, raped tortured and finally killed is his first case back.  The bodies start to pile up, and he  and Myah  work on the case together. The setting for this book was interesting. We had more personal interactions;  brothers, parents and Myah his partner all helping Gavin. I almost felt sorry for Ben. He went thru the same experience, marked yes but not undone.

Again this second book is exactly what I needed. Fast paced, good interaction and Ben and Gavin trying t get back what they had. Wonderful Book 2