Saving Face Book Cover Saving Face
The Steve Williams Series Book 6
J.E. Taylor
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
JET-Fueled Fiction
August 31, 2013

The Windwalker Serial Killer stalks the inlets of southern Maine for the next beauty to advance his collection and Special Agent Steve Williams is frustrated with always being a breath behind the slippery psychopath. Escalating the pressure, Steve’s adopted sons, CJ and Tom Ryan, take teenage rebellion to an entirely new level, leaving Steve in an explosive situation.

When the Windwalker slaughters Tom’s ex-girlfriend, taking her face as a macabre trinket, Tom is found on the scene covered in her blood, with her scalped body draped across his lap. Damning evidence against him is unearthed, his father's secret identity is about to be exposed, and he's charged with Tanya’s traumatic murder.

To prove his innocence, their only hope is the worst-case scenario; for the Windwalker to harvest a new face.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Steve Williams is an FBI agent. Once again, he is trying to stop a sadistic serial killer who scalps his victims and removes their faces.  The killer has been given the nickname of The Windwalker; if he isn’t stopped more people will die.

It turns out that finding a serial killer strikes very close to home when one of his sons, Tom, is accused of being the Windwalker.  When Tom’s girlfriend Tanya is killed,  Tom finds her body. The police come upon the scene while Tom is holding her body and see him as the killer.  Steve and his wife, Jen, have been the guardians of C.J. and Tom and know that in spite of their reckless ways they are both good boys.  It is now up to Steve to prove Tom’s innocence, only Steve finds himself accused of crimes against the FBI and he faces jail time, too.

Tom has not had an easy life. He is a mute whose tongue was cut out by a psychotic killer. While waiting for rescue, he lay on a table with his mother’s head sitting and staring at him.  How he managed to go about living a half way normal life is beyond comprehension.

Of course, Steve, Jen and the boys are not normal in any sense of the word. They have abilities few can even imagine.  Jen has visions that are usually true, Steve has the ability to heal, and CJ has the ability to cause total destruction if he is aroused enough. All three men have the ability to talk through each other’s minds, and Steve even has the ability to be in two places at one time.  But will these powers help find the killer and prove Steve and Tom’s innocence?

Although this is not the first book in the Steve Williams series it can be read as a stand-alone.  The author does a wonderful job of giving the reader an understanding of the main characters’ personal lives.  We learn about CJ and Tom’s real father, a man who is now Steve’s guardian angel and whose job it is to see that Steve stays safe for the rest of his natural life.

This novel is a true suspense story. The author has a way of leaving you totally awed when you find out who the killer is.  I have found few writers who can weave a story like J.E. Taylor. He gets you inside the killer’s mind and gives you the chills with its realism.  The characters are all wonderful, and, in spite of all the sadness in their lives, they have a bond with each other and protect each other no matter what.  If you love a good suspense story with a background of paranormal, then do not miss this one or any of the other Steve Williams novels.