Review: Sea Dreams – Meriam Wilhelm

Sea Dreams Book Cover Sea Dreams
The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 5
Meriam Wilhelm
Paranormal, Urban, Fantasy
Amazon Digital Services LLC
February 9, 2017

Once renowned for his artistic abilities, painter Thor Hudson has become a washed up shell of himself. Hiding out in a self-imposed retirement, Hudson is incapable of finger painting, let alone recreating even one of his famous sea murals. When the artist’s publicist prematurely announces Hudson’s long awaited return to the art world Hudson is faced with failing publicly or accepting help from a beautiful lavender eyed witch, a few enchanted cupcakes and a touch of magic. New Moon Beach is the perfect place for Thor Hudson to rediscover himself, do a bit of wave walking and maybe even fall in love with his favorite sea witch.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is my fifth visit to New Moon Beach and the witches that live there and I have loved every one. If you have not read any of the series yet then start with book one Morning Magic and when you love it you will have four more to read.

Harmony Merriman a witch and Mayor of New Moon Beach has the job of finding a way to bring more revenue into the town treasury and when she reads about a contest announcing the return of Thor Hudson a famed artist and environmentalist looking for the perfect town to do his next mural Harmony is hopeful it will be New Moon Beach. Although she promised her boyfriend Matt that she wouldn’t use magic that didn’t mean she couldn’t allow her friends or family to use some.

Thor is a bitter man who has been out of the public eye for years and even though he allowed his publicist Brian to arrange for this contest he is convinced that he can no longer paint. The love he had once for the sea and the whales no longer seems to motivate him but he has no idea when he lands in New Moon Beach that there will be powers to be that he could never have imagined. What good is a town with witches if some magic isn’t used to help the man and the town.

Cookie Cleverly is a baker who infuses her wonderful cupcakes with a little magic and she finds herself attracted to Brian, Thor’s publicist. Every morning she is walked to the store by the watchman Duke Winston a man who has always loved her but unfortunately Cookie doesn’t see him, he is just a very nice man who is always there to walk her to work. Duke has a secret but he isn’t willing to reveal it to Cookie.

Thor does not endear himself to the Mayor or the people of New Moon Beach but Brian certainly does when it comes to Cookie. Unfortunately, Cookie has no idea that Brian has a secret that could effect their new budding romance.

I am not willing to go into any more detail because I fear giving away spoilers but needless to say alot happens and all of it worth the read. Cookie’s familiar is a cat named Rocko and he is a hoot, he is quite a diva and doesn’t hesitate to say what every is on his mind. This is a wonderful series filled with magic, romance and a beautiful beach town. If you love witches you will love the witches of New Moon Beach.

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