Secrets of the Ravine Book Cover Secrets of the Ravine
The Mackenzie Chronicles
Brenda Whiteside
Paranormal Romance-Suspense
Independently Published
September 15, 2020

When a ringer for her long-dead love walks into her life the same day skeletal remains are found at the edge of town, Magpie MacKenzie can’t ignore what the universe is telling her…solve the mystery, or become the next victim.

Lawyer Zack Peartree’s life is orderly and entanglement-free until he visits purportedly haunted Joshua, Arizona, and meets free-wheeling shopkeeper Magpie. Despite experiencing troubling visions and odd moments of déjà vu, Zack’s instantly drawn to Magpie and to the unsolved murder which troubles her so.

Using clues from her father’s past and Zack’s déjà vu moments, Magpie and Zack race to solve the mystery, avoid a murderous fate, and to discover their future…together.

Review by Sylvia A Reddom 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team   

If you love skeletons and new love, you will be entranced by this one.

Old love, a potential new one, and a dead body do not go together under any circumstances—unless it is your life and this is happening right in your own town.

Segments of déjà vu add to the suspense, and when combined with old family memories and new friends–anything might happen.

Do you enjoy modern day Westerns, family history and lawyers? What about crystals and fate–do you believe in their powers also? Then you will love this story or murder and mayhem with a splash of mystery thrown in for good measure.

You will be given a short tour of life with Magpie MacKenzie, honest as the day is long and have an extra adventure added through the storefront windows of her pal Phaedra. Then you are taken on a stroll down memory lane circa the 1970s through the eyes of several town folk.

Families, friends and neighbours all play a role – but who did what to whom and why? Are there more troubles coming? Questions pop up and only a few in town know the whole story – and they are not about to tell anyone.  Even if it means more “trouble” of the deadly kind.

Will the new lawyer in town, Zack Peartree help the ladies solve their problems or add to their troubles?

This is an easy read – if you have an open mind. The language flows readily along.

The story line will keep you enchanted, unless you get scared easily. You know like those times you get goosebumps just thinking about “what might have happened” and could you be next?

This author leaves you wondering about what else could have happened around town and by whom.  I am waiting for both an extended prequel and an elongated sequel!