Service to the State, a Literary Seduction Book Cover Service to the State, a Literary Seduction
Starlight Barque
Novella, LGBT, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Carnation Books
July 22, 2019

In the year 2190…

Brilliant surgeon Galen Jayr has given up on love and moved halfway across the world to escape heartbreak. While working at a relief hospital in Alaska, Galen meets and befriends Navojan, an alien living on Earth but hiding his true identity as a being from another planet.

Over the course of their unlikely friendship, Galen and Navojan spend their days working and spending time together, often discussing their favorite books. It never occurs to Galen that Navojan has a flair for writing himself, until one day he happens upon Navojan's open tablet and his unfinished romance novel.

The steamy contents of the novel activate Galen's imagination, sending his feelings for Navojan into overdrive. Could the human character in Navojan's book be a stand-in for Galen himself? Galen is completely distracted by dreams and fantasies of his friend, whose physiology feels pain as pleasure, and whose features--among them, a tail--are so very alien.

This short read is full of passion and sensuality, exploring the relationship between pleasure and pain, and detailing an alien/human love affair that is a bit sweet, a bit strange, and extremely, delightfully sexy.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This was a very unique take on a human/alien relationship and was filled with explicit sex.

Galen Jayr is a brilliant surgeon who ran from Ireland leaving everything behind when the man he believed was going to marry him left him for another man. Now in Alaska he has befriended Navojan, an orderly he met at the hospital where he works.

Seven years ago, Navojan volunteered to leave his planet Milosia to live among humans and report back what he found. Milosia is an overpopulated planet in need of a new home, but the unexpected happened when Navojan found himself left behind alone on a new planet with no way home. Galen and Navojan became friends who would meet each week for lunch discussing books. By accident, while feeling lonely, Navojan revealed what he really is. Afraid of being reported and having the government find and experiment on him, he is ready to leave. However, Galen proved he would not betray him.

Although Navojan’s face was altered to resemble a human, other parts of his body weren’t, scales and a tail to name a few. Galen is the only human to whom he can reveal himself. When Navojan leaves his tablet on the table to get food, Galen can’t keep his curiosity curbed and he reads what Navojan has written, pages of sexy words with the main character being someone named Gabriel. He wonders if Gabriel is actual Navojan’s way of talking about him, but he isn’t about to ask him.

The relationship between the two men grows and in spite of their differences—and there are many— they find themselves growing closer and closer. The sex is explicit and definitely not vanilla.