Setting the Hook Book Cover Setting the Hook
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 12, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Two men from two different parts of the country and two different lifestyles come together two times a year but keep their feelings for each other secret.

Mike Jansen lives with his mother and ten year old daughter Carrie and runs a charter business. His boat “Decisions” is the only means for him to make a living for him and his family and of course his life involves cutting corners and making do with what he earns.

William Westmoreland comes from a rich family and works in his family business. He is educated and sophisticated and has had feelings for Mike ever since the first time he took him out fishing.He looks forward to the two times a year that William rents his charter. William on the other hand charters Mike’s boat because he has also has feelings for him and twice a year he gets to be around him and watch him from a distance.

These two men have hidden their feelings for each other but a fishing trip and a hurricane will change both their lives. William’s trip is cut short due to bad weather and when he arrives back at the dock he finds his rental car not working. With a storm coming all the hotels are booked and that leaves only one alternative staying at William’s house. Now the two men find themselves together not sure if the other is gay and trying to keep their lust in control. It is the first night during the storm with winds blowing down trees that Mike and William first give in to their feelings for each other and for the first time they have found what they have been missing.

Of course there is no future in sight for them since Mike won’t leave his home and family and William is expected to take over running the family business. That means that they will probably only have the two times a year when William is able to come down. Mike also has to contend with the fact that he lives in a very conservate small town and his business depends on recommendations which he is sure will stop once it is revealed he is gay.

Months go by and William and Mike have little contact with each other and then once again fate steps in in the form of a yacht. William’s company installed new engines in a yacht belonging to a friend of his father and they want William to take the boat out for two weeks and test the new engines. He has to find a captain to run the ship and of course that is where Mike comes in. Mike and Carrie come aboard to begin a two week vacation but it is then that William and Mike know that being apart is not something they can handle anymore.

William has nothing to lose by being with Mike but Mike could lose everything, his business and his family. What would happen if his mother and his daughter found out he was gay? Would his business suffer? Would William be able to run the company without staying in Providence R.I.? Well all the questions are answered and I won’t be revealing any of them.

Like with all Mr. Grey’s books there is a lesson to be learned, don’t assume anything, people sometimes can surprise you so you have to live your life and be happy. William and Mike have allowed family to dictate their lives for them in one way or another putting their happiness aside but is that the way to live and can they risk everything to change it.