The Seventh Daughter Book Cover The Seventh Daughter
The Scarlet Omen – Book 3
Cinthia Koeksal
Y/A Paranormal
SENA Publication

Reviewed by April Hollingworth

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is book three in the series and I recommend you read them in order, as it was not easy to jump into it without the background. In addition to the fact that this was not a standalone book and didn’t bring the reader up to date, I found it difficult to read because I did not warm up to the main character.

Anjeli was annoying and had such double standards it was frustrating, pretty typical teenage behavior. She was brave and kind, but also self-centered, and at times, indifferent to the feelings of those around her. She genuinely cared about her friends and sister. So, add confusing to the mix, too.

Then there was her boyfriend, a character who is hardly in the book. However,  all females panted after him, no matter how old or young they were. This is something I found beyond frustrating and unrealistic. I don’t care how good looking someone is, a five-year-old wouldn’t fall in love with him.

Aside from all of this, the characters were a unique bunch, with inner strength and determination. I was rooting for them, but I still wasn’t feeling any connections to them. Maybe this was because of jumping in two books later, or maybe it was just not a book for me. I’m not sure which is the case, to be honest.

I recommend reader starts with the first book in the series. It was obvious whilst reading The Seventh Daughter a lot had happened in the previous two books that I needed to know. All in all, I give this book 3 stars.