Shaded Chains Book Cover Shaded Chains
Jack L. Pyke
Novella, LGBT, BDSM, Gay Romance
Men in Ink Press; 2 edition
August 25, 2019

“Say My F**king Name.” ~ Ross

Alex Gardner is a psychiatric nurse, Ross McKendrik a tattoo artist: both know the fears and strains of caring for an old man with dementia: Ross’s father. When lines between father and son are crossed and trust is broken between Alex and Ross—between a sub and Dom—Ross is in a fight for his life to earn the right to hear his sub say his name again. Only having grown up in the Scottish Highlands, Ross’s methods are a little... dangerous, his methods are a little... dark.

Love is about to get very, very tough.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

From coming down from Jack L Pyke’s “Don’t Series” this year, you would have thought “Wow, she has written a novella!” But lest you forget IT’S Jack L Pyke…. She is the best at what she does.

Yes, it’s a novella102 pagesbut the reader is lacking nothing…. That’s why it’s Jack!

Ross’s Dad is in a nursing home and is in the care of his on staff nurse Alex Gardner. Alex and Ross are in  a long time relationship, hidden from Alex’s co workers and employers.

A Dom and Sub’s relationship is always trust. What happens if that trust is shattered?

This is the story of that which is shattered. Can it be repaired? Ross realizes he has taken his sub for granted, and his fear is he can’t get it back. Extreme measures are called for given the extreme situation….

Jack, thank you!