Shadows of Ghosts Book Cover Shadows of Ghosts
The Shadows Series
L.A. McGinnis
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
October 4, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Logan (Arcadia) Dean is shocked when she receives a letter announcing that she has inherited a huge estate called Aviemore Hall and in addition to that a huge sum of money. Her benefactor is a man she met a few times when she was a child but who she always felt leery of. She hardly knew him and now she was on her way to North Carolina to take possession of her new home.

Logan has a very strained relationship with her parents, especially her mother ever since the death of her brother Evan. His death and the circumstances surrounding his death is something I will not go into detail about. Logan has felt her brother’s death was her fault and her mother never stops reminding her of it. Now she has a chance to start over but her hopes and plans die a slow death when someone from her past shows up.

Jonathon Fox is a lawyer that Logan once dated and broke up with only he wasn’t the type to take being rejected, another incident I don’t want to go into too much detail about. Logan knows that her life is in danger and even the restraining order she got against him is meaningless. Her only option is to fix up the house and sell it as quickly as possible and hopefully Jonathon won’t find her again.

Robert the lawyer handling everything for Logan becomes her only friend in a strange new place and Ian Grant a man she immediately sees and feels a connection with is the one who offers to take the house off her hands. It doesn’t take long before Ian notices that Logan has bruises on her neck courtesy of Jonathon and he wants to protect Logan but she insists she can take care of herself which unfortunately she hasn’t been too successful in doing.

Logan wants to run but Ian and Robert want her to stay. That is when she discovers what Robert and Ian are and their history with her benefactor Barthalomew. Even more surprising is the fact that Robert and Ian also have a history with Jonathon.

This book is filled with surprises and secrets. The relationship between Logan and Ian grows but there are those who do everything they can to tear them apart. Logan and Ian both have secrets from their pasts but right now they have to deal with their present. Logan finds herself involved in things she could never have imagined and she and Ian find themselves drawn to each other and find that their pasts as well as their present is connected to each other. They have to survive evil that is threatening everything they want.

If you love paranormal romances then I would definitely recommend this one. I read this book in one sitting because it held my interest from the first page.