Shadows of the Past Book Cover Shadows of the Past
The Cassie Tam Files, Book 4
Matt Doyle
Short Stories, LGBT, Futuristic, Science Fiction, Romance
NineStar Press
November 5, 2019

PI Cassie Tam is not the only person who lives with regrets, and like most people, she just wants to get on with her life. But in New Hopeland, the past never remains buried. When she’s hired to track a stalker that’s been using some interesting tech to mask their identity on the city’s security cameras, Cassie ends up face-to-face with her darkest memory.

Can Cassie find out who’s responsible before her past mistakes tear her – and her friends – apart?

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Reviewed by Marie Loring

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Once again, Cassie Tam takes us on an action packed, non-stop mystery ride, but not before her girlfriend, Lori, has her time in the spotlight.

I was delighted and intrigued to find the first story in Lori’s voice. A bit more simplistic than the adventures Cassie takes us through, it was nonetheless well written, giving the reader a refreshing glimpse of New Hopeland through the eyes of someone other than our intrepid PI. Lori conducted herself well, stepping out of her comfort zone to unmask a villain, showing herself as a worthy partner for Cassie, who, charmingly, battled with fear and glowed with pride for her lover.

The second story, featuring the Caz we know and love, started out as a simple protection detail for a “friend” being stalked. But nothing is ever as it seems in New Hopeland, and Cassie soon finds herself embroiled in futile chases, hallucinations, and disturbing new technology that has her perplexed. I especially liked the “ping” box, which I will not describe, but suffice to say you’ll love discovering this little toy’s properties!

Reintroduce some old friends like Devin Carmichael (the bad-guy you hate to love), Caz’s friends at the local precinct, and of course, “Sunglasses”, and you have a continuation from the first three books seamlessly weaving into this newest, fantastic tale.

I will admit some of the more complicated scenarios went over my head, (yet again), but I’m getting better at deciphering Mr. Doyle’s futuristic imagination…and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love the challenges he always presents.

Enjoy this book after you’ve digested the previous three, and be ready for the wild ride book five is sure to bring.