Shared Revelations Book Cover Shared Revelations
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
September 18, 2012

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Eddie Baronski is settled in his life. Although he is not passionate about his job, he expects to spend the rest of his life in the same town, working at the same paper factory, just like his father does.  While Eddie and his three best friends can rarely afford to go to an actual Packer game, they are allowed in to watch the daily practices when the team is home in Wisconsin getting ready for the season. Just by bad luck one day, Eddie is in need of a ride home from the stadium and Johnny Grant, his favorite player, offers him a ride.  The rides home become an everyday thing for Eddie and Johnny, and they finally give in to their attraction.  Unfortunately, Johnny and Eddie have very different ideas about their relationship with each other really, and Eddie is left with a broken heart.

Feeling hurt and alone, Eddie withdraws from his friends, Donny, Skip and Jack. Donny and Skip are brothers who both work for their father’s furniture store in town.  His other friend, Jack, is trying to learn how to deal with his hearing loss, and his father’s lack of understanding.  Eddie doesn’t feel like there is anyone that he can talk to about this until the day Jack picks him up after work and instead of taking him home, forces him to talk to him about what happened with Johnny.

After finally revealing his secrets and what happened with Johnny, Eddie is sure he will be losing all three of his friends. Eddie is shocked when not only does Jack understand, but he has had feelings for Eddie all along.   They explore this new relationship and find out the true meaning of love.

Andrew Grey does an amazing job of making these characters seem so true and real.  Being born and raised in Wisconsin, it was like reading a story about my past and people that I knew back in that time.  The story remains true to its time and place remarkably well and portrays these characters in that setting making it seem as if it was just normal everyday life.

This intriguing book feeds into most people’s fantasies about being with a superstar, whether it is an actor, singer or athlete.  You look at them and imagine what it would be like, but rarely does that ever become a reality.  You can share Eddie’s excitement and know it would be great, but also realize that it is probably too good to be true and not going to last the test of time.

I would highly recommend this love story to anyone who is a fan of a happy ending.  It is just a feel good book and a quick read to perk your day up.  I know for sure that while this may be the first book I have read of Andrew Grey’s, it will not be the last.