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Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club: Book One
Amy Lane
MM Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
July 21, 2020

Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club: Book One

When a coven of hedge witches casts a spell for their hearts’ desires, the world turns upside down.


Bartholomew Baker is afraid to hope for his heart’s true desire—the gregarious woodworker who sells his wares next to Bartholomew at the local craft fairs—so he writes the spell for his baking business to thrive and allow him to quit his office job. He’d rather pour his energy into emotionally gratifying pastry! But the magic won’t allow him to lie, even to himself, and the spellcasting has unexpected consequences.


For two years Lachlan has been flirting with Bartholomew, but the shy baker with the beautiful gray eyes runs away whenever their conversation turns personal. He’s about to give up hope… and then Bartholomew rushes into a convention in the midst of a spellcasting disaster of epic proportions.


Suddenly everybody wants a taste of Bartholomew’s baked goods—and Bartholomew himself. Lachlan gladly jumps on for the ride, enduring rioting crowds and supernatural birds for a chance with Bartholomew. Can Bartholomew overcome the shyness that has kept him from giving his heart to Lachlan?

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

My first Amy Lane book was Vulnerable.  And to see her return to magic and witches is like coming home for me.  I read this sweet book in one sitting.  And I totally understand why Lachlan fell so hard for Bartholomew Baker.  He is so easily loveable.  Watching him overcome his crippling shyness and realizing how phenomenally strong he is in his magic and his own right is one of my favorite parts of this book. The premise of this story – a spell gone awry—takes on new meaning when it has to be undone by each witch facing their own part in the mistake.  Fans of Amy Lane will feel like they are getting a gentle hug from a favorite author.  This is definitely low on the angst scale for Ms Lane.  New readers will get a fantastic paranormal read with a sweet, and oh wow hot, romance.