Silencing The Siren Book Cover Silencing The Siren
The Paradox Files Book 1
J.E. Taylor
JET-Fueled Fiction
February 14, 2017

Review by Penelope Adams

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kylee Paradox is a siren, the sign on her office door reads Paranormal Investigator but don’t believe everything you read.   Kylee is actually a bounty hunter of things that go bump in the night who have been more than a tad naughty.   The kicker is her boss, Fate, won’t allow her to use her biggest strength, her voice.  So Kylee does business the old fashioned way, kicking A and taking names.

We meet Kylie in her beach home in Southern California where Fate is giving her a new assignment, travel to Crete and hunt down her own brother who is killing humans and bring him in, dead or alive.   This is not an assignment Kylie wants but she has no choice.  We meet her next door neighbor, hunky Texan Alejandro Cervas as Kylie is sitting on the beach having a little pity party and he joins her.  Alex is a divorced father and they’ve been good friends for a few years, but both want more.   Alex ends up travelling to Crete with Kylie and joins her in a not so romantic vacation.

I’ve read a number of Ms. Taylor’s works and enjoy her writing, she can tell a good story and knows how to keep her readers entertained and engaged at the same time.   Kylie and Alex are pretty strong characters, both with a few flaws and both with more than a few mysteries.

This is a short book, more of a novella really, and a quick easy read but I had more than a few little niggles with it.   The story is written in first person, no big deal but the first few paragraphs Kylie refers to herself in the past tense then goes to the present tense.   This confused me just a little and caused me to take a few minutes to get into the rhythm of the story.   Then there are Kylie and Alex.   Kylie tells us she was a bad ass (her words in past tense) but as the story progresses she seems to be having problems with humans that a bad ass shouldn’t.   I couldn’t figure out if Alex was a strong macho male or just an everyday guy, he went from one to the other and back again.  Then the ending, no hateful cliff hanger here, we get an ending but it’s kind of abrupt and less than satisfying.   I was left with the feeling that the purpose of this book was a prologue of sorts, just getting our feet wet for the series.

My few little niggles aside, I did enjoy the story, it has action, passion, a little gore and some humor.   Maybe leaving me just a smidge unsatisfied was a good play on Ms. Taylor’s part because it definitely left me wanting more.