Sinbad's War Book Cover Sinbad's War
The Adventures Of Sinbad Book 6
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
April 14, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been two years since N’Sagar, Sin and Andi’s daughter, and Kas’ wife entered the monastery hoping to find forgiveness for her many sins. She slept with Kas’ son Frost, had his child, and caused Kas to kill his own son. For two years now, Kas has knelt outside the monastery waiting for his wife to come back to him and is only alive thanks to his family bringing him food. Now, thanks to a lie by the Priest, N’Sagar believes she has been forgiven and she returns to her husband. All should be well again for the Sh’en Singh family, but things rarely run smoothly for them.

Sin has a very complicated family. There are the children from Andi’s first marriage, the children Sin and Andi had together and various other children adopted into the family. Now one good thing has happened, Sin is once again able to walk with the help of an experimental drug and special braces and his children seem to be settled, especially now with the return of N’Sagar.

However, as usual, Sin’s family does not stay settled for long. A visit from Nils Van Lewen, a captain of the Federation Armed Services turns Sin’s life upside down. Terra is once again at war and has been attacked by Severan, a planet whose sole purpose is to destroy everything around it. Their attack on Terra left many dead and major destruction. Nil’s is there to ask for Sin’s help. The Federation needs his ships and wants to recruit Felidan’s for service. Sin agrees to allow a recruitment center to open but refuses any more than that, until he is faced with the reality that this war hit close to home. His son Adam’s mother, sister, and grandparents were killed, and Andi’s father and older brother are dead.

However, what really turned the tide for the Federation was when the Sevarians attacked Felida causing major destruction and death. Now this war has become personal for Sin and his family. Among the dead is Andi and their daughter, Milagra. In addition, Adam’s pregnant wife has been taken prisoner. With the death of his wife and daughter, Sin and his sons join the war. Adam wants to find his wife, and Sin wants revenge. But are Andi and Milagra dead? If they are not dead, where are they? Can Adam find his wife and child and did she give birth to their son? Of course, the war has been going on for years, what hope is there for those that are gone?

As in all the previous books there is a lot going on in Sin’s life and that of his children and grandchildren. This is the fifth book in the series. I know that there will be more, after all with a family this large and complicated, how could there not be? I loved every single one of the Sinbad books, but it is probably because I love Sinbad. Will Sinbad be facing a life alone? Will all his children survive the war? All those questions are answered.