Sleeping Beauties Book Cover Sleeping Beauties
Tamela Miles
June 7, 2013

Everyone in the small Northern California town of Caddo knows about The Trifecta, three beautiful and affluent women who have grown up together. Chloe, Laurie, and Nicola have shared laughter, tears, and a secret ability which binds them together. Their tranquil lives are forever changed when they are forced to fight a hellish force for their lives in a nightmarish landscape with the help of Seth, a lone angel. Dreams can be astonishing but in a terrifying world where normal rules don't apply,they can be downright deadly.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Chloe, Nicola, and Laurie have been friends for years and are known as the trifecta.  They are each in their early forties and have no significant other in their lives.  Some years ago the girls discovered a way to join each other in dreams, and tonight that is exactly what they plan on doing only this time their dream will turn out to be more of a nightmare.

The trifecta find themselves back twenty years at a bar they used to go to, a bar where Chloe’s boyfriend Noah worked as a DJ.  Noah died in a traffic accident and when Chloe sees him again in her dream, she finally gets to say goodbye to him.  It seems that God likes happy endings and brought Noah back one more time.  Laurie is also reunited with the man she loved twenty years ago, Bryan, and she was pregnant with his child.  She left him and gave her son up for adoption and now seeing him again she realizes the mistake she made.

Nicola who never really had someone who loved her, is feeling sorry for herself until she and the others realize that this dream was orchestrated by the dream king, Alexander.  Alexander sold his soul to Hell hundreds of years ago and enjoys his dream power, only he needs his Book of Secrets which the girls had in their possession.  Now if the girls want to keep living, they have to find the book and return it.  Alexander has the ability to kill those in the dream world, who would then be dead in real life.

The only hope the girls have is Seth, a half-angel and half-human, who has been watching over them since they were teens.  He entered this dream not only to save the girls, but to keep the book out of Alexander’s hands.  Can Seth save them?  Was there a reason for Chloe and Laurie’s exes to reappear?

This is a very short story but it lacked nothing.  The author was able to not only tell the current story, but also bring us up to date on their pasts.  It is not often that a short story ends leaving the reader satisfied, this was one of those time.