Sleight of Heart Book Cover Sleight of Heart
Morality of Magick Book 1
Aisling Mancy
Paranormal/Fantasy M/M Romance
CoolDudes Publishing PTY Ltd
March 14, 2016

Lord Taliesin Solitaire was born albino, cursed mute by the fey, and betrayed by a vampire lover. For two hundred years the vampire mage has vowed never to love again and has only used sex as a means to a meal. Until a palm-reading gypsy finds himself in peril and Taliesin can’t resist rescuing the beautiful young man.

Pesha is the eldest but smallest son of King Vaida Sinclair, the oppressive ruler of the Kåle RomaniCompania. Deemed impure by his father, Pesha is shunned and mistreated by his band and four half-brothers, and one brother in particular wants him dead. His pale, silent savior gives him safety, security and a love he never could have imagined. As Pesha falls in love with his handsome white knight, his half-brother does the unthinkable.

Can Taliesin rescue Pesha from the cruel clutches of his half-brother a second time?

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

A very interesting story about two totally different men, an albino vampire, mage and a short gypsy who meet and who change each others lives.

Taliesin Solitaire was turned into a vampire two centuries ago and has lived a lonely life since he was betrayed by the man he loved. He also loved a fey girl who gifted him with a daughter only as punishment for having loved him she was killed and he was left mute. He was sixteen when he became a father and his daughter Feather who can read his thoughts is his greatest joy.

Pesha is a Romani whose father is king. He has six half-brothers who enjoy abusing him because of his height and the fact that he is gay. The worst offender is Merripen who takes great delight in torturing Pesha. While his brothers are given everything they want from their father it is Pesha who is sent out to earn money. It is while he is reading fortunes that Taliesin sees him and is immediately drawn to this young gypsy. Taliesin is sure he is not being noticed but he is wrong because Pesha sees him and thinks of him as his white knight.

When Pesha is attacked and raped by four of his brothers led by Merripen it is Taliesin who finds him and takes him home. Merripen sliced Pesha’s throat and although it is forbidden for a Romani to be in the home of a human Pesha has no choice. It doesn’t take long before Pesha and Taliesin are in a sexual situation and it isn’t long before Taliesin realizes that he deeply loves his little gypsy.

Pesha is anxious to return to his Compania before he is baned and left by himself. In spite of Taliesin’s constant promise that Pesha will never be alone, Pesha is hard to convince. He strictly follows the ways of  the Romani and even knowing that he will be putting himself in harms way when he returns he feels he must go.

Pesha and Taliesin are wonderful characters facing many problems. Pesha has magick and it is forbidden for two mage to be sexually involved. Pesha is forbidden from being with humans and has no idea that his white knight is a vampire another taboo. There is no lack of sex in this book or love. There is violence, secrets, lies and surprises. I look forward to the second book in this series and hope it will not be a long wait.