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RELIC, Book #1
Maz Maddox
LGBT, Gay, Fantasy, Fiction
Independently Published
July 17, 2020

My standard issued lab badge reads 'Simon' but it really should say 'unexciting nerd with no social life.'

Don’t get me wrong -- I love what I do with a passion, but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else. Especially romance.

While chipping away at my work, I’m suddenly the person between hired cartel muscle and the fossil that will define my career.

Which isn’t the most insane part of the story.

My savior is a chaotic, bat-wielding punk with a bubble gum pink mohawk and a killer smile.

In a mad dash to escape the thieves, my knight in studded armor sweeps me across the country while hitting every tourist trap along the way.

While smuggling a fossil, might I add. Oh, and did I mention this pink punk can shift into a dinosaur?

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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Maz Maddox has the incredible skill of putting together super unique shifters and unexpected partners, then putting them on fantastic and crazy adventures.  On top of those combinations, the reader is then treated to a sweet romance that tugs at their heart.  This new series is no exception.  Maddox gives us dinosaur shifters.  You read that right- Dinosaur Shifters.  And then gives us a back-story and narrative that makes dinosaurs make sense in modern day.

Dalton is a cocky, smug, pink Mohawk wearing, tattooed free spirit.  And he is a dinosaur shifter.  He was not immediately likeable for me.  But his brashness and his huge heart made me fall for him.   So it makes sense that Simon Andrews, our other main character, falls for him as well.  I mean if a professor of paleontology who routinely ignores social events to spend more time in his beloved basement lab can find redeeming qualities in Dalton, who am I to be a hold out?  Did I mention that Simon has always been attracted to women before his adventure with Dalton begins?

There is a lot of adventure and action in this story.  My favorite part is the moments of unexpected humor and tenderness.  Maddox sprinkles in these elements with a deft hand.  It keeps the mood of the story lighter and moves the pace along perfectly.

We also get to meet all the members of the RELIC team and are given just enough information about their personalities to wonder how they will be included in future books in the series.  I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in this new series and I can’t wait to see who is featured in book two.