Solomon's Gold Book Cover Solomon's Gold
The Project Book 15
Alex Lukeman
Special Ops Thriller
July 19, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair, Paranormal Romance Guild

Oh Alex, we meet again! Is it 15 already? Seems like we just met…. President Rice in office, Elizabeth Harker at the helm, Nick and his twitchy ear, Selena thrust from beautiful rich young woman to join the men of the Project Team. We worried she wouldn’t keep up, that the men would be stronger, and now we know better.

We have Freddie now, and I love this new addition, along with a new President who will hopefully use this Black Ops gang to the fullest for our country. He can see now their worth as we follow this well-done story. Again, you nailed it, the mission, the countries, the stealth. Book 14 High Alert I told you I would follow you forever….Still goes.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**