Claiming the Evil Dead, Catching An Evil Tail, Fighting Evil Book Cover Claiming the Evil Dead, Catching An Evil Tail, Fighting Evil
Soul Catcher Books 1 - 3
Mary Abshire
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing

Review by Mette Kiilerich

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

BOOK 1 – Claiming the Evil Dead


This trilogy is a sizzling hot urban romance, which is action packed from start to finish. The stories are written in first person, with Jessie being a half demon. She is a kick ass heroine and a paranormal investigator with an unusual ability. She finds evil spirits, sucks their souls into her, and sends them straight to hell.

The primary characters along with Jessie are Drake and Jeremy. Drake is a vampire whom Jessie meets in the first book Claiming the Evil Dead. He needs her help to find an evil vampire who kills children. The connection between the two is hot, hot, hot. Jeremy is a full blooded demon, with an ability to burn his enemies. Jessie meets Jeremy in the first book as well, during her investigation with Drake. Jeremy wants Jessie, that we are clear on from the start.

BOOK 2 – Catching An Evil Tail

Throughout all three books the trio engage in a lot of fighting both with others, but also among themselves, especially because Drake and Jeremy hate each other.

I liked Jessie right away. She is tough with a soft heart, speaks her mind and her internal dialog is as strong as her banter with the other characters in the books. The dialog with Drake in the first book drew me in right away; it is funny, to the point and oh so hot. Their relationship is strong and Jessie finds herself in love with Drake pretty quickly, much to Jeremy’s disappointment, because he loves her and really wants her.

The books are well written, action packed and with so much suspense that when I finished one I had to read the next. There is a perfect balance between all her troubles, her love for Drake and her friendship with Jeremy. It is fun to read how much Jeremy wants her, makes deal with her so that he can spend time with her. But in spite of her attraction to Jeremy’s demon side she sticks with Drake, which is difficult for her because of her deals with Jeremy.

BOOK 3 – Fighting Evil

The first book concentrates on her relationship to Drake, with Jeremy as the distraction. The second book is more about Jeremy, with Drake as a distraction and finally the last book is a combination of the two. I liked that very much because I got to see how both men’s personas were, the fighting between them and their love for Jessie. The sex scenes are very hot, but delicately described as not to offend. I clearly felt the love between Drake and Jessie.

This series of three books, written by Mary Abishire, I would recommend to all who love a good love story combined with a lot of action. I will keep my eyes open for more books from this exciting new author. I liked her writing very much and her ability to keep up the steam, the action and the good story line in all three books.