Soul of Discretion Book Cover Soul of Discretion
Susan Mac Nicol & M. Tasia
M/M Mystery Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
April 29, 2018


Simon Bridgeworth believes in loyalty, and keeping things in-house. When he discovers his best friend, who has been running the Canadian division of Simon's tech empire, has been skimming millions from the company, Simon flies to Toronto to get to the bottom of the theft and learns his friend has been murdered. Devastated and at a loose end, Simon knows there's no way the company's problems can be kept under wraps now. Imagine his surprise when he learns the Mountie investigating the murder is the first repeat Simon has allowed himself in years.

Sergeant Nick Cooper is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He's served his country in the military, and now he's protecting the citizenry of Toronto. But devotion to duty is no longer enough. On a whim, Nick hooks up with Aristocrat69 on crUIzer, and what started as one night of incredible sex turns into an attraction neither man can ignore. When a grisly mob murder sends Nick to the Breakforce corporation, he is shocked to discover his lover is none other than its CEO. When Simon's life is threatened, ethical lines blur as Nick does anything to keep him safe - no cost is too high for the man who has become Nick's everything.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Again, Ms. MacNicol can formulate a story line like no one else. With all the new entries coming out for release, this was a fun premise! This would tweak interest by its blurb to anyone who wants a fun read; “what happens when an Earl meets a Canadian Mountie?”

We first meet Simon Bridgewater, an Earl, who discovers his Toronto based tech company has huge financial losses. His long time friend is in charge of the companies running, and he has disappeared. Simon flies to Toronto.

Sgt. Nick Cooper of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is in town for a few days for meetings. He feels like he can treat it as a short vacation. What the heck?

Both are gay, both are horny and both are on the same dating/hookup app. Oh what are the chances heh? Oh Ms. MacNicol you do this sooooo well!

The book is sexy, hot, and the mystery helps these two be together more than they might normally have been, which is good for the reader. As always a good read! Don’t want to give any spoilers.