Spirit Song Book Cover Spirit Song
The Guardians Book 3
Tessa McFionn
Paranormal Romance
Etopia Press
August 30, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sebastian Lambert was an assassin in Italy but in 1463 he tried to save a man being beaten only to find himself a Guardian Warrior. It was Viktor Arnhart who took him under his wing and has been with him ever since.

One night Viktor took Sebastian to a nightclub owned by the South Chicago mob boss Salvatorre Franciolli, it was that night his immortal life would change. As soon as he enterred he heard an angel sing and he was drawn to her in a way he never was to any other woman in his very long life.

Miranda Devalande promised her father on his dying bed that she would look after her younger brother Kyle and she has been doing that ever since. Now she finds herself a prison in Sal’s nighclub singing every night in order to keep her brother from being harmed. Kyle is a gambler and he owes money to Sal and it doesn’t look like Miranda will be getting free any time soon since Kyle continues to dig himself deeper into debt to the mobster.

Sebastian can see that sadness in Miranda’s eyes and soul and it is Viktor that tries to convince him that she is his spiritmate, the only women over all others that is meant for him. Sebastian and Viktor are trying to find the rogues who are leaving body parts all over train tracks risking revealing themselves to humans. The search is what led them to this nightclub and Sebastian realizes that Miranda is in the middle of the lion’s den. As a Guardian Warrior he has spent centuries protecting the innocent while avoiding discovery now he has to protect Miranda as well.

When Miranda first sees him in the club she can’t take her eyes off him, to her he is her savior the person who put some light into her dark life. When they finally meet all she wants from him is sex. Sebastian fights the desire to complete the spiritmate bond because he does not feel he is good enough for her. His life was spent killing and his soul is dark how can he bring her into his life?

Before long Sebastian and Viktor realize that the club is involved with the rogues making it more important than ever for Sebastian to keep Miranda safe. There is no doubt that his feelings for her are very powerful but so is his determination to keep her away from his bloody past. The relationship between Sebastian and Miranda is amazing and the sex is hot, hot, hot. Kyle is the little brother that you want to hit over the head with a bat since his desires morph his sister’s. Viktor is the character that brings humor to an otherwise serious story.

I recommend reading the series in order but if you don’t I am sure you will not mind since the story can stand by itself.