Stalk Book Cover Stalk
Hotblooded Book 1
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
October 24, 2018

The first coming of chaos. Twelve thousand years ago, members of a more advanced race crossed into our dimension when the barriers temporarily collapsed. Trapped in our world, the aliens, who were also shifters, built structures that eventually caused the great flood and the sinking of Atlantis. Some of the alien DNA survived in progeny that carried an untraceable shifter gene, dormant until awakened by mating with a full blooded werewolf.

Seven alien wolf shifters trapped in our dimension find each other and form a pack. They think their biggest problem is the absence of females, right up until they become the focus of a gentlemen's hunting club.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Something happened almost 12,000 years ago causing people to cross dimensions, some from Earth disappeared and others from other dimensions found themselves on Earth. This book covers the story of seven shifters, six wolves and one hyena who were lucky enough to find each other and form a pack. Some of the alien DNA survived and the shifter gene lay dormant until united with a full werewolf.

The seven shifters bought a run down hunting/fishing lodge in the mountains and fixed it. They then began business to make money so they had a home, a huge mountain area to shift and run and business bringing in money, what they didn’t have were females. Nick Sigil, a wolf shifter runs the distribution of cannabis and on his way to a meeting a female passes him,a female whose smell calls to him. He forgets the meeting and everything else and stalks the female day and night. Nick knows where she lives, he knows her name and he knows he desperately wants her.

Reese Braga knows she is being followed and decides it is time to confront her stalker. She faces him down around a lot of people but her determination to get him to leave ends up with her having dinner with him. After three dates they wind up in her apartment where something totally unexpected occurs, Reese bites Nick’s lip making it bleed and she manages somehow to destroy the sofa she saved two years for. Nick realizes that a wolf resides inside Reese and knows exactly what to do to bring it out.

Now Reese has to face the fact that she is not a normal human but a shifter as well and it is up to Nick to teach her how to control her beast. The pack accepts her and is happy to realize that there is hope for them to find their mate. Everything is going great until a photographer takes a picture of a gorgeous wolf and has it printed in a magazine. This picture and the billionnaire who sees it will bring danger to the pack’s doorstep.

Like all of Ms. Danann’s books I loved this one, there was romance, sex, suspense, danger and laugh out loud moments. The book did end leaving the reader wondering what is next but the anticipation for the next chapter has me on the edge of my seat.