Star Bright: Paranormal Dating Agency Book Cover Star Bright: Paranormal Dating Agency
Gemma-Hydrox, Book 4
LJ Vickery
Paranormal, Fantasy, Futuristic, Romance, Mature
MTW Press
September 20, 2019

Alpha Star Porter, or Asp as she is known to her friends, reluctantly seeks the assistance of Gerri Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency to find a mate. But does she really want one? A better question being, what stellar, patient individual has the fortitude to tackle her screwed up past? As she follows Gerri’s directions and takes off into space, curiosity battles with fear, but she isn’t a woman to walk away from a challenge. She’ll meet this paragon the dating agency decrees as hers…even if she is terrified.

Torque Addis has real problems, problems he’s about to solve with one, final, desperate act. If he can pull it off, the danger to himself and his loved ones will disappear. But if he doesn’t… Well? Better dead than to continue as he is. He’s getting too old for all the intrigue. If only someone would come along and wave a magic wand to change his screwed up life.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another great visit to Gerri Wilder and the Paranormal Dating Agency so if you are not familiar with this series then I urge you to begin you won’t regret it.

Alpha Star Porter (Asp) has not allowed herself to be touched by a man for years but at the urging of Pace and Marek who she served with in the U.S. Army Space Rangers she has decided to give a relationship a go by seeking the help of Gerri Wilder who successfully united her two friends with their wives. An incident from her past has broken Asp but loneliness and the desire for a partner has finally broken through the wall she built around herself. Gerri as you know if you are familiar with the series is a miracle worker and she is determined to work a miracle for Asp. As always there are few clues as to who Gerri has set her up with the only thing she knows is that she has to go to the planet Mall to show her clothes, clothes that she has designed and that have made her very rich.

Torque Addis is a space pirate determined to do one more job so that he can finally be free. His adoptive parents are being threatened unless Torque delivers and this time he is hoping to find the one’s threatening the people he loves. His target is Asp since her clothes are covered in expensive jewels, jewels that should be more than enough to finally free him of a life of piracy and free his parents from the threat of death.

Things get complicated when Calamity the space ship that we have grown to know and love gets involved. Calamity is obsessed with sex and wants a partner of her own, enter Gerri who is one step ahead of everyone because she has the perfect partner for Calamity and it is Boris, Torque’s space ship. When the two ships put their genius together it forces Torque to confess to Asp and to accept the fact that he is to be her husband. Asp is not one to run from a fight and together with Torque she makes plans to find the people responsible for threatening his family.

At the age of fourteen Torque was exiled from his home planet and from his parents, the reason for the exile is a secret that he doesn’t want to reveal to Asp, a secret he is convinced will send her running. His secret is a surprise and I loved it. Little by little Torque starts to break down Asp’s walls, although sex is not on the table yet he is working towards it step by step.

I have to admit that my favorite character is Calamity a space ship with a dirty mind and who always makes me laugh out loud. Now with Boris and their little adopted drone I have to stop reading to wipe the tears out of my eyes from laughing. What happens between Asp and Torque is not for me to reveal but definitely it is for you to find out for yourself. The book is filled with action, sex and thanks to Calamity dirty flirting.