Stasis Book Cover Stasis
Ennek Trilogy Book 1
Kim Fielding
DSP Publications
May 17, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ennek is the youngest son of the Chief of Praesidium, his older brother Larkin is the heir and at the age of twelve he convinced his father to allow him to visit the Under along with Thelius the Wizard. The Under is where prisoners are placed in stasis to serve out their sentence and it was on that visit that he first saw a prisoner who caught his attention. With a friend he snuck back to the Under and once again went to see the prisoner he saw with his father only this time the prisoner opened his eyes and moved before returning to his original condition.

What Ennek saw never entered his mind as he grew up, at least not during his waking hours when all he did was drink and gamble. The opposite was true at night when he had these dreams that woke him screaming. Everything finally came back to him and he couldn’t get the prisoner out of his mind. Determined to do something for this man who has already been in stasis for three hundred years and has seven hundred more to go on his sentence he breaks all the rules. When he is woken up he would then become a bond-slave. Prisoners who wake from stasis enter a new world where they know noone and noone remembers them.

Ennek takes the prisoner out of his cell and brings him to his room. He put very little thought into what he did because for all intent and purposes the prisoner is dead and can only lay in his bed. He also did not consider that Thelius would know exactly what he did and use it to his advantage. Ennek could find himself in stasis if his father discovered what he had done. Thelius knows that Ennek is interested in men another thing that is forbidden and he wakes the prisoner. He then blackmails Ennek into becoming his apprentice.

Now Ennek has a man in his room who will live out his life never being allowed out of it. In time the prisoner reveals who he is, he is Miner once a guard. He explains what put him where he was but it is a story I could never do justice to. It is a story that made me sad and angry and it is a story you will have to read for yourself. Needless to say over time Ennek and Miner begin to depend on each other while Ennek spends his days with the Wizard hating every minute of it.

Ennek knows that one word from Thelius to his father would mean the end to him and Miner so he has no choice but to do what he is told. Although there is a sexual attraction between the two men Ennek is unwilling to do anything while Miner is still a slave. Ennek is in his thirties and never been with a man or woman but as a slave he feels he would be taking advantage of Miner even if Miner was willing.

This was a wonderful book and the description did not do it justice. There were secrets and betrayals and it kept my interest from beginning to end and even after it was finished I still thought about it. Miner and Ennek were amazing and I couldn’t help but love them. Each man was filled with sadness although for very different reasons. I can’t wait for the next book and hope in time Ennek and Miner will finally find the happiness they both deserve.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**