Stevie & Mack Book Cover Stevie & Mack
Barista Boys Contemporary Gay Romance, Book 2
A E Ryecart
LGBT, Gay, Romance
A E Ryecart
October 7, 2016

Theft, capture, and an impossible-to-refuse offer—life can change in a heartbeat.

When Stevie Allardyce is caught stealing food from Barista Boys, he doesn’t think life can get any worse. Starving, desperate and homeless, Stevie’s only crime is trying to survive another day.

Mack Porter is outraged when the filthy street kid is offered a job and a place to live at the café. Stevie’s a thief, caught red-handed, but it’s not long before Mack’s resolve to keep his distance crumbles as he falls under Stevie’s gentle spell.

Shared secrets bind them together. Two souls, once lost, find each other and discover life really can be full of hope, promise and love. But the street doesn’t give up its own without a fight and Stevie is faced with a stark and heart wrenching choice: do what’s demanded of him, or risk exposure? The life Stevie craves hangs in the balance, one wrong decision and he loses everything – including Mack.

Stevie & Mack is the second book in the Barista Boys contemporary gay romance series. Each story charts the lives and loves of the men who work in a quirky little café in the heart of London’s Soho: Barista Boys, where it’s not just the coffee that’s hot.

Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Barista Boys was my introduction to author A E Ryecart. Recently finding her, I am picking through any of her different works and am certainly enjoying her stories. Danny and Jude was number one for this series where I was introduced to Bernie and his coffee shop / haven for young men who need to come in out of the rain.

Stevie leaving home at 15, came from an affluent family….but is on the streets because he is gay. Filthy and beyond hungry he is sitting in the warm shop with a cup of coffee waiting. He is staking out the back room where yesterday he saw sandwiches and bread cooling….desperation is his middle name. Sneaking into the room and trying to stuff some of the warm goodies into his bag, he is caught red handed by Mack.

Mack is Bernie’s nephew, who by the way had not long ago arrived himself, down on his luck.  He scares Stevie to death by his temper and his strength. Bernie gives Stevie an offer he cannot believe. A couch in the back room, and a job.  Mack is furious and cannot understand why Bernie would do this for a thief.

Now the wheels are in motion, we actually learn not only Stevie and Mack’s story but ore about Bernie as well. Another satisfying story, sexy times and the hard facts on how the young are exploited when their parents turn away. Now I will begin Connor and Ash and also Book 2 of Deviant Hearts….