Submerging Inferno Book Cover Submerging Inferno
Men of Myth
Brandon Witt
MM Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Dreamspinner Press
March 24, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance

This is the first book I have read written by Brandon Witt. After opening this first story which starts the Men of Myth series, I realized, that this young author has a such a wonderfully different story to tell. So I must preface my review, to mention if you are looking forward to a sweet short romance; this is not for you. I can see the reader will have to totally make a commitment to reading this series, digesting the amazing world that is being shown. The characters are introduced to the reader slowly, as we learn of vampires, witches, demons, and other worlds that exist on land and also under the sea.

Brett Wright and Finn de Morisco begin our story and our author uses them to write with their POV’s. Submerging Inferno tells the story of Brett Wright, a young Southern Californian brought up by his grandparents. When he came out in his teen years his grandfather threw him out. His best friend was a young lady the closest thing to family, Sonia. One night he becomes ‘the chosen food’  by a local crazed vampire and is rescued by Finn a young Warlock.  Brett who believed he is human realizes after setting fire to that hungry vampire in the alley with only his hands; there might be a different truth. Brett is learning there is a whole world of paranormal, now including him.

We see our author has some very strong ideas about the casting out of young people who tell their parents or family they are gay, along with the followings of the church. He shows us the flip side with Finn’s family, the de Morisco’s who did not do this to their children. They value them, giving them unconditional love. This magical witch family is swept into the vampire issue since the vamp is looking to hurt anyone in his way to reach Brett. Finn and he find a bloody scene at his home with little hope that Sonia is alive. Finn’s family all gather to help the two young men who are quickly becoming a couple.

Brett slow realization of his affinity with fire and water make the reader see, he will need to make decisions that will hurt his and Finn’s relationship. I must say I adored the pace and information given to me by the author. It is all about the story the author wants to tell, the world the author builds and Brandon does a wonderful job! I loved this first book and have taken the challenge Mr. Witt You write it I will follow!!!