Sufferborn Book Cover Sufferborn
J.C. Hartcarver
Epic, Fantasy, Futuristic, Romance
Dorwik Publishing
October 19, 2019

Her life had been planned out for her, until an elf with a fiery past came to tempt her future.

In an age of hostility toward elves in her region, Kalea couldn't just stand and gawk while one of the handsome creatures was caught stealing. He might’ve died had she not helped him escape his grim fate. This was her first sin and she is aware of it. She may have set in motion the ruination of her social standing, her chastity, and ultimately her life…if not her own preservation.

She warns him not to follow her, yet the elf, Dorhen, manages to find her home at the convent where she is looking forward to a long peaceful life of prayer and study. She is about to take her vow of chastity, and although consorting with any male is forbidden, Kalea can’t resist her fascination with his beautiful eyes and sweet, gentle nature. A precarious interest in Dorhen begins to blossom within her. Meanwhile, a sinister plot unfolding in her home region is about to slither right into her safe little convent in the forest, bringing Dorhen’s ominous past with it.

When sorcerers raid the convent and kidnap the other novices, Kalea manages to escape with Dorhen’s help, but he vanishes in the aftermath of the attack. Determined to save her sisters and the elf she loves, Kalea sets out on a perilous journey across a land rife with magic and festering with an unknown evil… an evil that threatens to destroy all Kalea holds dear.

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Reviewed by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I do not believe this was for me. I made my way through it, but it was something that I had to do in stages, though it picked up momentum as we got further along in the story.

I didn’t really connect with the characters and we jumped between a lot of POVs, which made it harder for me to grasp all of the different versions that were coming at me.

There are a lot of different components involved – magic, supernatural creatures, the Church, family drama. It all comes together to give you the story of Kalea, Dorean and others as they fight for each other and saving people from evil sorcerer’s.

Kalea is one of the MC’s for Sufferborn and I can see her becoming a hero of the story with the trek she has had to make so far and the journey she ends up on towards the end of this book. However, I found her relationship with Dorean, another MC, rather tenuous with how often she was changing her mind regarding his intentions/behavior towards her. Dorean is a very innocent young man with a sad history and he just attaches himself to Kalea, finding himself drawn to her and wanting to do whatever he could to make her happy and keep her safe.

The characters are well developed, and bits of their past are revealed when it helps with their story and progression of the plot. There is promise with the plot of the book and how it can move forward in the next story but because it jumped between so many POVs it was hard for me to become involved in one thing before we moved somewhere vastly different, never knowing who or where you’d be off to next.

I wouldn’t recommend this story, but fans of fantasy and supernatural should try it for themselves. Everyone likes different things and I can see Sufferborn as an enjoyable series.