Our Summer of Discontent Book Cover Our Summer of Discontent
The Immortal Ones Book 3
S.L. Baum
Paranormal Romance/Mystery (Vampires, Shifters and Witches)
August 25, 2012

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sir Reviewer/ Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

It was not a surprise that S.L. Baum would have another wonderful novel out this summer. The Immortal Ones Series has been, from my viewpoint, a fabulous take on everything that goes bump in the night. This young author has managed to keep it very YA and, most of all, interesting and fulfilling.

The first in the series I read and reviewed here was a Chance for Charity. What a great YA book for young teens. The storyline was so intricate and compelling, I almost forgot the rating!!!  In doing reviews, I have read YA pieces and not many books have I loved.  S.L. Baum, step right up and take a bow!  Stephanie Meyers started the YA hysteria into the paranormal genre with Twilight. Ms Baum has written a wonderful first book for her Immortals with no sparkle but with lots of clout.

A Chance for Charity introduces us to Charity aka Emily, an Immortal living with an Immortal couple as her family. She is reliving her high school years AGAIN to keep a low profile. She meets and falls in love with Link and tells him who and what she is. The friends she has in high school will follow us and be a great ensemble to this story.

My Link in Time continues with Link and Charity wishing to marry in Las Vegas.

Link, after book one, has “special needs” which do hold up the plans a bit, but soon they are off to Sin City. All these players, witches, shifters, Immortals and Vampire all have a part to play. Will there be a wedding??? Will there be a Happily Ever After???? Charity carries a hybrid blood, a fusion of Immortal One and Dark One. So soon after learning this she became The Caster. What exactly will that do????

Our Summer of Our Discontent has not disappointed. The Caster is a One of a Kind being; usually it has always been a Witch. No one knew how these powers were passed to Charity when she had the showdown with Nikola. Now Charity will have to learn how to use these powers, and we will be right there with her. Ms Baum has written this book with each chapter being a different POV. This is a difficult undertaking for an author, yet Ms Baum has written a seamless story, told to us though the eyes of our friends:  Charity, Lincoln, Summer, Burke Delilah(Dee), Eve, Lizabelle, and Donovan. As always we are always faced with a life and death storyline, which always keeps our adrenaline pumping. We leave Tellerude for NY.  Lulach has brought Lincoln to New York City to introduce him as “one of his own” to protect him.  The gang traipses from the city to The Hamptons working on a mystery. Eve is re-united with her mother, Genevieve, only to have that become the next question to establish Book Four.  The Immortals Book Three is a wonderful addition to this series. Again, I still praise this YA story, which is thoughtful, thought provoking and written at a pace for all readers, adults as well.

** 2012 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards3rd Place: Best YA Novel **