Summer of Hush Book Cover Summer of Hush
R.L. Merrill
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
October 8, 2019

Hush is back… and it’s about to get loud.

After two years grieving the death of his best friend, Silas Franklin is back on the road with his metalcore band, Hush. With a new member, a brilliant new album, and a headlining spot on the last cross-country Warped Tour, life couldn’t be better—unless Silas could meet the intriguing music blogger known only as the Guru. Silas has followed his blog for years and feels the Guru might be the only person who “gets” him.

For years Krishnan Guruvayoor has reported on the metal scene as an anonymous blogger, and he’s just landed an internship on the Warped Tour as well as a potential position with a well-respected music magazine. His best friend arranges for him to meet singer Silas Franklin—but only as Krish the Intern. Their chemistry is instant, and Krish is thrilled to get to know the man behind the music.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

R.L. Merrill takes the world of metal rock and uses it as a backdrop for an amazing romance. Krish and Silas are both at the top of their game. Both men are also no stranger to the grief of losing someone close to their hearts.  Watching these two beautiful, damaged men find love in the chaos of the last Warped tour was truly riveting.  Merrill manages to make the music and the world around it another character in the story.  The dynamics of the tour and all of the inherent challenges create their own tensions and adventures for the story.  The reader can’t help but pulled into the story by the passion these guys have for the music and each other.  The romance is one of those that sweeps you off your feet even as the reader.  And holy hotness!!!  One word…..piercings.  swoon.   If you love music, you will love this book.  If you love romance, you will love this book.  Highly recommend adding this to your read now pile!!!  I am hoping that we will see these guys again—I want to know what happens with Brains and Paul (hint hint nudge nudge, RL Merrill).