Sun and Shadow Book Cover Sun and Shadow
Day and Knight Book 2
Dirk Greyson
M/M Thriller
Dreamspinner Press
November 9, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been a week since Knighton and Dayton Ingram returned from their assignment in Mexico. Day got shot and is home recuperating and Knight just finds himself walking the streets at night to keep his dreams and desire for alcohol at bay. It was as if nothing had happened aboard the cruise line they were on, as if the attraction and sex never happened.

Knight finally came to the conclusion that he was gay inspite of the fact that he was married and had a son. Unfortunately, his son and wife were both murdered and he is still searching for the man who ordered the hit. On their return to work they both go their separate ways until their boss calls them into his office. It seems that the Russians are looking for a very valuable painting that went missing during World War II. It has come to their attention that a Raphael painting that was ordered burned with all the other looted art was hidden by Hans Muller-Krause a German who tried to save what he could.

The recovery of the painting is just a public relations stunt by the Russians who want to return it to Poland and ease tension between the two countries. The United States wants to retrieve the painting first and put a stop to Russia’s plans, plans that could effect relations between Poland and the United States. Once again Knight and Day are partnered on an assignment together to find the missing painting before the Russians. Day ‘s search shows that the painting was hidden in a salt mine, only which one.

The only way for the two men to get the information they need is to travel to Germany and try to track down the mine and Krause’s family who might be able to put some light on the situation. Again Day tries to get through to Knight as to why after their first assignment he acted as if Day never existed. Knight is still torn between his feelings of betrayal toward his wife and son but when will he be ready to open his heart and start living again?

Naturally the attraction between the two men begins to heat up only this time Day wants to be sure that Knight feels there is more than just sex, but Knight has his heart so closed off inspite of his desire to be with Day. Can he finally realize that having a relationship with Day is not being disloyal to the family he lost?

This book is not just a story of evading Russians in search of a masterpiece but also a search in finding happiness. Can Knight finally accept his feelings for Day? Can the work of art be found after seventy years? There is betrayal, sex and a mystery everything you can want in a thriller, well me anyway.