Survive and Conquer Book Cover Survive and Conquer
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
July 9, 2019

Newton DeSantis was on the ground when the towers collapsed on 9/11. Though he still carries the scars on his body and his heart, he’s determined to ease some of the world’s suffering. Now a social worker and father to two children with special needs, he’s doing his best. But when one of his cases needs a good lawyer, Newton turns to Chase for help.

Family law attorney Chase Matthews is a rising star, and he’s in high demand. Still, Newton is very persuasive, and Chase takes his case pro bono. Everything about the other man appeals to Chase, but he’s determined to keep the relationship professional—even though, after meeting Newton’s kids, he wants to be a part of their lives.

Chase’s job doesn’t always allow him to pick his clients, though, and a case that could make him partner will put him on the opposite side of the courtroom from Newton—along with everything he believes in and the future they could build together.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Newton DeSantis was on the ground at 911 giving out food and water but even though he was not in the buildings that fell he did not come out unscathed. Being at the site helping where he could he got sick, breathing problems in addition to almost losing a leg. Now he lives with constant pain and has to use a cane but it is the unexpected occurrences that set off his PTSD bringing him back to the time when the world changed. Now he is determined to help as many people as he can and is a social worker helping kids in any way possible. His newest case would reunite two little girls with the father who abused them and that is something Newton will do anything to stop.

Since hiring a lawyer is out of the question Newton stops Chase Matthews a family attorney who is a rising star in his field and tries to convince him to take one more pro-bono case. His last ditch attempt was to offer Chase a home cooked meal, a home cooked meal and alot of praying plus a take no prisoners attitude gets Chase to accept the case. In addition to winning the case Chase and Newton find themselves attracted to each other in spite of the huge age difference and the fact that Newton has two special needs children.

Newton adopted Rose now seven years old who had a severe vision problem and who probably would never get adopted. After Rose he adopted Eric his nine year old who has a serious disease called POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a syndrome that also made him unadoptable until Newton came along. The two children are absolutely amazing and made me smile, cry and cheer for their ability to face any challenge and still come out loving. Even Chase begins to fall in love with the kids but is there a future with a man with physical and mental problems and two kids who need a lot of attention and love.

Chase, like Newton is hiding a past, a past that severely affected who he is today and what matters to him, a past that he has not shared with anyone and a past I have no intention of sharing either. This book like so many Andrew Grey books touched me in so many ways and as a CASA volunteer I faced so many of the situations presented in this book and knew first hand the pain that children face and how so many of them fall through the cracks so this book definitely touched my heart. This is truly a story about courage and never giving up.