Suspects & Scales Book Cover Suspects & Scales
Stallion Ridge, Book 3
Maz Maddox
LGBT, Romance
Independently published
September 5, 2019

Deputy Cody Moore is shattered.The murder of someone dear to him has pushed him to a breaking point and awakened the monster sleeping inside him. While the young man is no stranger to tragedy and death, having someone slaughtered under his watch has left him rattled with heartache.In the wake of the devastation, a mysterious shadow of a man is dispatched to Stallion Ridge to track down the murderer. Even with his heart in pieces and a coiling monster inside him, Cody refuses to leave the investigation to this mystifying man.Cody knew his life was forever changed after what happened at the river, but he never expected the powerful current that is the dark and charismatic Quellin.Suspects & Scales is the third installment to the Stallion Ridge series. While the romance is self contained to this story, there is an overarching plot that starts in Heartache & Hoofbeats. It is recommended to read the series in order before starting with the third book.

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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is my favorite of the stories so far in the Stallion Ridge series. Cody Moore has been the little brother of the sheriff’s office in Stallion Ridge, more likely to get a pat on the head than a pat on the back for his efforts. He is treated like he’s fragile after recovering from the lamia attack. This isn’t helped at all after he is blindsided by the death of his best friend, especially since he’s the one that found him. So, when Wade’s family shows up to do their own investigation into his death, Cody has to fight to be included. I absolutely loved how Cody’s character develops in this book. Not only do we get to learn more about him, but we get to see him grow into his new normal AND fall head over heels for the mysterious man he is helping with the investigation. All of this is happening while the thefts of shifters bodies with magical properties continue to plague the area. Maddox continues to bring in unique shifters as well as the western theme she has now perfected in this series. Some more of these are revealed in this story. We get to see all of our favorite characters, including Marybell whose timely comment is actually the perfect moment of diplomacy. Yep. Our little spitfire, Marybell. These books keep getting better and better and I am truly looking forward to the next one.