Sweet Revenge Book Cover Sweet Revenge
Haunted Destiny #2
Kelly Abell
YA thriller
August 13, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book was part of the Thrill of the Hunt Anthology and is now released as a stand-alone. Destiny first appeared in Haunted Destiny which I did not read but did not have too since the author did a great job of updating what previously happened.

Destiny has the ability to see Shades (spirits) now at the age of sixteen she does her best to help those spirits who haven’t made it to the other side find their way and to rid the world of evil. She finds herself kidnapped by the town sheriff Daniel Locke and having his dead stepson Randy using her body to bite off the sheriff’s ear. If she wasn’t afraid of dying before she sure knows what her fate is now.

Destiny was trying to find out about Randy’s death and obviously she was getting to close to the answer. Randy relays what happened and why he wants revenge on his stepdad but unfortunately Destiny also finds out more about Randy then she ever expected.It will take help from Destiny’s grandmother Rose and some of her spirit friends to get her out of this trouble.

What happens I won’t reveal but this was a short story worth reading and I suggest reading book one to get to know all about Destiny and what happened to her.