Sweet Sacrifice Book Cover Sweet Sacrifice
The Soul Mate Tree Book 9
L.D. Rose
Dark Fantasy/Romance
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
September 13, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This story is part of a multi-author series and if the first eight are as good as this one then I highly recommend reading them all, I know I will be doing that.

Sebastian “Bash” Lockard was a Navy SEAL who thought nothing of throwing himself on a live grenade in order to save the rest of his team. Since Bash was not without sin he found himself in Purgatory reliving every horror of his past. He spent a year in Purgatory until he was offered a proposition by the Archangel Michael. Bash could now become an Archangel and join in the fight against evil, a proposition he accepted. Now he fights monsters the likes of which he never could have imagined existed.

It has been two years since he died and now he and his friend Gabriel are chasing a demon at the San Diego Zoo. Unfortunately, Bash did not do a very good job but he did manage to save a woman and her little girl. This incident would have major reprecussions because the wounded were sent to the hospital that Irene Lockard works at. The very woman and little girl that Bash saved were in her care and when the little girl saw a picture of Bash she told Irene that he was the angel that saved them.

Irene has not been able to get over the loss of her husband even though it has been two years and when she is told her husband is an angel and a picture of someone who appears to be him is on TV she is convinced that she is losing her mind. Bash is dead but her heart doesn’t seem to want to heal.

At Irene’s friend Lilly’s wedding she sees Bash who was given permission to join Gabriel in attending a human affair. He never expected to see Irene the love of his life but once he did he could not keep away from her. Bash risks everything to be with Irene knowing full well that he could easily be returned to Purgatory and eventually end up in Hell. None of that matters, all that matters is being with Irene.

This is a beautiful love story, a forbidden love since Bash is an Archangel and Irene is human. Will he risk Hell to be with the love of his life or will he return to fight Evil wherever it exists? What happens is not something I want to reveal but it is definitely something you should read and find out for yourself.