Taken By The Imp Book Cover Taken By The Imp
Cat's Paw Cove
Sharon Buchbinder
Paranormal, Mystery, Romance
CPC Publishing
June 9, 2020

Can a jinni and a warlock cook up a better way to help the poor?

Dexter Graham has no trouble making money as a financial wizard—as long as he doesn’t leave his home. He finds it nearly impossible to be with other people, because he’s a telepath who gets swamped by their thoughts. Prompted by an unexpected visitor from the past who reveals shocking family secrets, he takes a risk and visits his brother in Cat’s Paw Cove. Will the trip make things better or worse?

Ynez Saghira is a gifted chef at the Feline Fine Retirement Home who yearns to be financially independent and open her own café. She has lots of talent and creative ideas but lacks the capital to start her own business. What’s a poor imp to do?

Dexter and Ynez join forces to quiet the voices in his head, build her business, and ferret out family mysteries. Will the secrets draw them closer together or push them apart?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dexter Graham is a telepath who is unable to leave his home. He works at home and has managed to make a lot of money, but his only companion is his cat Brutus. Dexter cannot cope with all the thoughts that bombard him at once. Dating is out since reading your date’s mind leaves a lot to be desired, especially when their thoughts are negative ones. He lives in the house his late grandmother left him. It is a lonely life, but it is far better than what happens when he is around people.

A visit from his grandmother’s ghost sets Dexter on a new path. He must visit his brother Dylan in Cat’s Paw Cove in Florida because Dylan holds the key to family secrets that must be uncovered. Driving from Connecticut to Florida is the only way he can travel in peace. When he arrives Dylan and his girlfriend, Charlotte, arrange for him to stay at Feline Fine Retirement Home, a place filled with magicals.

Dexter does not dare leave his room for meals, so it is arranged for his meals to be delivered to him by Ynez Saghira the head chef. When she enters his room, he is shocked to discover he cannot read her thoughts. She is a blank slate and for the first time he can sit with someone and have a conversation that is only verbal. Ynez is determined to help Dexter deal with his problem.

Ynez is an imp desperate to own her own cafe and to help all the homeless. She was adopted by Madame Jinniyah whom she calls grandmother. There are secrets Ynez that have been kept from her. She and Dexter are in for one surprise after another. A prince with evil intentions is after Ynez and that is a secret I will not even hint at in this review.

Dexter is adopted by Reginald MacDowell the Third, a Sherwood Cat in need of a human, and he is quite the character. If you are not familiar with Cat’s Paw Cove then you are missing out on a wonderful series filled with magic, talking cats and amazing characters. This novella is filled with surprises, secrets, romance and fun.