Tears of the Wolf Book Cover Tears of the Wolf
Hotel LaBelle Book 4
Sharon Buchbinder
Fantasy Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
October 19, 2020

Chief of Tribal Police Jacob Graywolf serves and protects his community on the reservation. When an epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women hits home, he's relieved the FBI gets involved. But something about the woman agent has him running scared.
FBI Special Agent Zena Adalwolf is certain Jacob is her soul mate. Their connection at first sight is immediate and urgent—a bond that transcends their professional relationship. If only the clueless hunk would realize they belong together!
After more Native American women are killed, Zena and Jacob suspect they have a serial killer on their hands. To track down the unsub, they allow their inner wolves to come out and play. But with the ever-ticking clock going wild, will the killer find them first?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Okay I am beginning my review with a shout out to Ms. Buchbinder, you did it again, you amazed me and left me wondering how you could come up with so many surprises, but you did.


Indian women are being killed and a task force is being set up with Jacob Graywolf the Chief of Tribal Police heading it and an FBI agent to assist. Zena Adalwolf is vested in helping investigate women abductions and deaths all stemming from something horrible that happened to her as a child. The minute she and Jacob see each other there is no doubt that they are destined to be mates and that they are both wolves.


Zena is staying at Hotel LaBelle and if like me you are familiar with Ms. Buchbinder’s books then you know all about the hotel and it’s owners Tallulah and Lucius and I one of her biggest fans get to revisit with some of my favorite characters. This story covers much more than just finding out who is killing these indian women and cutting out parts of their hair it is also about Jacob and the death of his father that blocked the memory and put him in serious trouble as a child.


It is a story about Jacob’s mother who is Jewish and has Sabbath every Friday night, survivors of the Holocaust now living on the reservation where her husband was Chief of the Crow Nation. A nine year old little indian boy destined for foster care when his mother and grandmother become victims of the killer. If it sounds like there is alot going on there is but it just never gets confusing and is always clear and to the point.


A book filled with violence, a sociopath, romance and two wonderful characters each with pasts they would love to be able to forget. I knew immediately who the killer was and I was so wrong, Ms. Buchbinder just always seems to pull a fast one and leave me wondering how I could have been so wrong, a true sign of a great writer. Unfortunately I did have to put the book down to make my husband dinner but trust me it was the quickest dinner possible no diddle dallying on my part lol. 


Do not miss out on this book, it has everything I could want in a book and I hope the same is true for you.