The Tears of San'Ferath Book Cover The Tears of San'Ferath
D. Thomas Jerlo
DusktilDawn Books
August 29, 2014

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Allanoria has lost it’s mage’ic. A strange illness nearly destroyed the entire human race. After hundreds of years, a new age of Allanoria is coming. Cethland Mer’Morellis, a Freelance Mercenary has been called to the home of one of the most powerful and richest men, the High Regent on the Council of Allanoria, Lord Rateif Laklan. The Regent wants Ceth to find his missing daughter and return her to him. Even though his instincts warn him to walk away from this job, he can’t seem to refuse.

Of course, the Regent is not only rich and powerful, he is evil as well. Following Ceth is another Merc whose orders are to return the girl and kill Ceth. Ceth is one of the best in the trade and it doesn’t take long before he finds the very girl he is looking for. He finds her in, of all places, a brothel where she is a dancer. The reason Laklan had so much trouble finding her was because of an anklet she wore that had a concealment spell on it. For some reason, that spell had no affect on Ceth. Their meeting was foreseen, and they are the answer to ridding Allanoria of the evil Druid using black magic to get the power he wants and bringing mage’ic back to Allanoria.

There was never any doubt Laklan was not Anea Fiebelkorn’s father. She was raised by farmers when she was left at their doorstep. Laklan wants her for a reason they are not yet aware of. In Laklan’s world, evil is all he knows. He rapes, tortures, and kills anyone he feels like, even his concubine Dannon who he keeps alive because he needs her to fulfill his destiny, whatever that is.

Ceth’s foster father always instilled in him that mage’ic once existed, even though others no longer believe. Now he knows something magical is happening, and he needs to protect Anea. She and Ceth are somehow linked. They are the key to finding the Dragon King, Sar’Ferath, and awakening him. This is the answer to destroying the Druid and restoring the mage’ic to Allanoria.

With help from Ceth’s best friend and past partner, Griffin, they all set out to destroy Laklan. When a demon comes after Ceth and Anea, there is no longer any doubt that mage’ic is being used and needs to be stopped before Laklan has so much power that everyone is in danger.

This book has suspense, dragons, demons, secrets, two wonderful heroes and one heroine. My only problem with the book was the excessive amount of characters, which at times made it hard to keep up.