Tempting Adam Book Cover Tempting Adam
Romancing the Guardians, Book Seven
Lyn Horner
Paranormal Romance Suspense
March 4, 2018

He walked away from her once meaning to protect her and broke her heart.
Can she forgive him and overcome his stubborn resistance to love?

Guardian of Danu, Adam Dvorak has the power to make plants grow with a mere touch, but will he allow love to grow? An agronomist teaching better farming methods in a semi-desert region of northern Kenya, he has an accident and ends up in the local hospital where, to his shock, his former love Ellie Graham is a nurse. He’d never expected to see her again.

Ellie is equally shocked to see him. How could fate be so cruel, putting her in Adam’s path again? Her bruised heart tells her to avoid him, but circumstances dictate otherwise, and their mutual attraction soon flares to life. Will the temptation to accept Ellie as his mate conquer Adam’s fear for her? The High Guardian’s arrival and the pernicious Hellhounds may force him into a difficult decision as this saga builds toward a climax in the eighth and final book, A Might Chieftain.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Adam Dvorak is the seventh Guardian and is presently in Kenya helping teach better farming methods to the natives so that they can survive during droughts. What he never expected was to get injured and find himself in a hospital with Ellie Graham a woman he left behind two years ago treating him.

Adam has always loved Ellie but was very aware of the fact that as a Guardian she would always be in danger and so he was willing to let her go in order to protect her. Ellie has now realized that the saying it is a small world is really true because the man she has never forgotten and who broke her heart is laying down in front of her.

Ellie always said that Adam had a “green thumb” but what she never knew was that it was his gift as a Guardian, he just has to plant a seed and it will grow, how does he explain that to her and convince her he is not crazy. When Ellie is threatened by a man and Adam continually picks her up from work to take her home she realizes that she loves him and that he loves her. He explained why he couldn’t stay with her but she is determined to wear him down. She knows that no matter what they belong together.

Lara and Conn arrive in Kenya to take Adam back to the Navajo Reservation where all the other Guardians and their mates are meeting and Ellie is not going to be left behind. It doesn’t take long before the Hellhounds find them and Ellie finally realizes the danger they are really in. No matter where they go the Hellhounds are not far behind. Now the question is is there a traitor in their ranks or could Sara, Lara’s twin still be alive and is she able to feel were Lara is?

There are seven Guardians and now it is time for the final showdown between good and evil. Does Balor the head of the Hellhounds finally know where all the Guardians are and who will come out the winner. I can’t wait for the last book in the series and I highly recommend this series to anyone who has not started it yet, wonderful characters, suspense and romance everything you could want in a paranormal romance.