The Alpha's Fake Mate Book Cover The Alpha's Fake Mate
The Omega Misfits Book 2
Wendy Rathbone
MM Pararnormal Romance
Eye Scry
March 17, 2020

The Alphas think they own everything. Including people. Well, I’m here to say they don’t own me, and I will never let one of those bastards touch me again.

The frenzy of their Burn cannot be trusted. I know from experience. My first time with an Alpha nearly ended in my death. And because of the laws which favor Alpha rights, and place a large number of unbonded, adult Omegas on chattel farms, my abuser can never be tried for his crimes against me.

Omegas are being hurt. Omegas are dying.

All Alphas are violent. Or so I believe. Until I meet Orion.

Ori is everything a guy could want in a mate. Six foot three. Beautiful brown wavy hair. Bright, dark eyes. Muscles like chiseled marble. He even says “please” and “thank you” at all the right times. He’s got it all, except he’s an Alpha.

Though he has given me a room in his home free of charge, and has signed fake paperwork saying we are bonded so I don’t have to answer my attacker’s claim, can I trust him?

But now I’m in danger. If I don’t take a real mate, my life as I know it will be over. Can I believe in the goodness of Ori? Can I learn to love again?

A non-shifter, fake mate, Alpha/Omega love story. Rescue. First time. Omegaverse. Mpreg. Healing from sexual trauma. (All books in The Omega Misfits series are standalone reads and can be read in any order.) 61k words

Review By Aethena Drake
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

From the very beginning, I felt a sense of outrage over how Omegas are treated. The author definitely knows how to incite emotions in the reader. A spark of hope for a better future is struck when the Alpha, Orion, visits his newly acquired Omega farm and makes a connection with the battered Omega, Holland. Orion dislikes the idea of Omega farms but his visit prompts him to take responsibility for the Omegas who live there.
This book has the feel of a Cinderella story, but the plot twists just enough to keep the reader from looking for a glass slipper. Holland’s defiant attitude keeps him from turning into little more than a victim of circumstance, but I would have liked to see him take more action outside of his developing relationship with Orion.
The author does a wonderful job of painting vivid pictures. I could almost feel the sense of comfort that Holland gains from resting in a lounge chair near the pool.
I recommend this book, if you enjoy an Alpha/Omega story in a world with only male characters, and you are interested in seeing how the characters adapt their personalities to suit the roles they were born into.