The Black Templar Book Cover The Black Templar
The Project Book 18
Alex Lukeman
Political Action
January 2, 2019

The Project is in transition, their future in doubt. Selena Connor is no longer part of the active field unit, and she misses the action and excitement. When she's approached to translate a thirteenth century Templar document written in code, she jumps at the chance. The document reveals a clue to the location of the legendary Templar treasure, lost for seven hundred years.

Selena and Nick Carter follow the clue to Portugal. They think they'll get in a little vacation time, while they search for something to tell them what happened to the treasure. But the vacation turns into a nightmare and launches the Project team on a deadly race against time. There's something evil hidden with the gold. If the Project can't prevent it from falling into the hands of the Black Templars, a terrible darkness will descend upon the world.

Can they succeed against the odds?

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Happy, Happy New Year ……from Alex Lukeman.  This is the 18th Book in the Project Series and my heart races and palms sweat just like when I began this series in 2012 with White Jade. We have come a long way together, Me, the team and the author!

From the moment I read the first, I was a goner! Stories that are right up my alley with special ops,  interesting places,  fabulous storylines, tons of action, suspense ….has it all.

Last years I sensed a change…..President Rice was no longer President, the new group in office were a different breed. Where the project story went had me as horrified as reading the daily newspaper….but I could sense  there was   ‘something’ in the air. I cannot decide if this is the last I will read of this series…….or this group…..   because our author has left us with a possible maybe……..

But if you have never started this series….please be introduced to the baddest kick assed team imaginable……Elizabeth Harker in charge, Stephanie our computer guru extroidinaire, and our band of fighters, Seleana Connor, Nick Carter,  and our two worn out brothers Ronnie and Lamont….The addition to the team was Selena’s sister and for now we can hope they can’t live happily ever !!!!! and are bored to tears and continue the idea of a new venture….. I can hope . Thank you Mr Lukeman in your brilliance and we hope to see you again soon.