The Call of Magic Book Cover The Call of Magic
The Fool's Journey, Book 1
Coming of Age, Paranormal Romance
Quick and Animus, LLC
June 20, 2020

Freshly graduated from high school, Emma Lie has never let go the betrayal her father served her.
On the eve of her college departure, burdened with grand designs, Emma finds herself branded by a strange mark.

Bewildered by its appearance, Emma becomes distracted, then suspicious, of a captivating boy named Thies. Amid a passionate moment, she demands the truth from him. The cryptic answers Emma gets in return skew her reality forever.

Emma is thrust into the world of magic, stolen away from her home. Lofty intentions derailed, her mother in mortal danger, and forced into magical servitude, Emma must fight for survival and the life she had planned even as she battles for her own heart.

This series contains written descriptions of violence, sex, and death.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Emma Lie did not do well after her father got in his car and never returned and she has dedicated herself to fulfilling her dreams of going to Harvard on a full scholarship and helping make a difference in the world. Her only problem is a mark on her arm that causes pain and turns very red.  Every dream she had comes to an abrupt stop when a handsome young man, Thies Krausmann enters the cafe she works in and seems to be taken with her. Unfortunately, his attention comes with a price, she is approached by a colleague of his who offers Emma a full scholarship to Institute le Blanc a very old university who accepts only a few people each year. She will learn magic, be paid, fed, clothed and when she is finished with her eight-year service help with any undertakings she chooses.

She will join the Legion and serve for eight years swearing an oath of allegiance, no family, no children, and all she must do is sign the contract. She now finds out what the mark on her arm is, it is a calling to magic but if she refuses to sign the contract that sign will disappear. She decides that she wants to go with her current plans and will not sign the contract but while deciding a man with a gun shoots nearly killing Thies’ colleague and wounding Emma. Before she knows it she finds herself at the Citadel the Legion base and is being put through the beginning of her lessons. Knowing she did not sign the contract she is ready to return home especially when she discovers her mother is missing.

The Legion fights creatures from the Well, creatures that would destroy the world if the Legion was not there to stop them. No matter what is thrown at her she fights it and she fights anything to do with Thies as much as he tries to explain what happened and that he did not try to defraud her, but Emma is a very stubborn girl and accepting his apology is not something she is willing to do. She wants out either escaping or being released but there is something about the contract she was very unaware of.

Magic, creatures from the Well, a girl determined to go her own way and a boy who wants her acceptance are just a few of the exciting things that take place in this book. Will Emma be able to go her own way? Will she forgive Thies and accept the call of magic, well you will have to find all those answers on her own.