The Captain's Ghostly Gamble Book Cover The Captain's Ghostly Gamble
Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead
M/M Paranormal Romance
Pride Publishing
September 11, 2018

When a ghostly dandy and his roguish companion try their hand at matchmaking, things definitely go bump in the night.

For centuries, foppish Captain Cornelius Sheridan and brooding John Rookwood have haunted the mansion they duelled and died for. Now these phantom foes must join forces to save both their home and their feuding descendents.

But when Captain Sheridan sacrifices his afterlife for the sake of true love, will Rookwood risk everything to keep his companion by his side, or is it too late to say "I love you"?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Captain Cornelius Sheridan and John Rookwood have been haunting Rookwood Manor for over two hundred years ever since they had a duel that led to their deaths. What started out as hatred over the centuries turned into friendship and when a new couple come knocking they are all set to scare them away.

Dan and Jennifer are descendants of Cornelius and John and appear to be in love but Dan who has inherited the manor is determined to sell it and buy a Ferrari while Jennifer is hesitant. Jennifer has brought her ghost hunting equipment and is convinced that their late, late, late uncles ghosts are still there but at this point Cornelius and John realize that they have to help their descendants see what they really want since communication is a real problem for them.

Sheridan is willing to risk his ghostly existence to help the couple finally reveal what they truly want not what they assume the other wants. John realizes that if Cornelius ceases to exist he will be truly alone and that his feelings have turned into much more than just friendship.

A short but sweet story about love and sacrifice.