The Eyewitness Book Cover The Eyewitness
The D'Azzo Family, Book One
Nancy C. Weeks
Romantic Suspense
Nancy C. Weeks
2nd Edition April 22, 2019

Maryland PD forensic scientist, Emersyn D’Azzo, has an explosive past with her father’s younger partner, Detective Alec Pearce. He is off limits. A sexual dance between her and Alec fractures Emersyn’s close relationship with her father just moments before a sniper’s bullet rips Joe D’Azzo from her life.

The forensic report ties the fatal bullet to an ongoing spree of sniper killings across the state. Her father's murder wasn’t a random act of violence, and Emersyn can't stay clear of his case. Alec could help her find the true motive, but while he makes her heart race, history taught her a hard lesson. She can’t trust him. She can't trust anyone.

Thrown together, they uncover a decades-old disappearance of a college student, and Joe D'Azzo was a person of interest. The investigation takes a deadly twist. Can they learn to trust each other with their hearts to save their lives?

Sensual Level: Clean and Wholesome

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Emersyn D’Azzo is a Maryland police department forensic scientist whose father is a detective and whose sister Tessa and brother Nathan are also part of the justice system. Her dad’s partner Alec Pearce has been a constant pain in her life ever since five years ago he arrested her and some friends at a campus frat party. From the day she was arrested her relationship with her father has been strained and although her father never got the full story or didn’t want to know the full story it still affected their relationship.

Alec is much younger than Emersyn’s father and has always been welcomed as a family member by the family, other than Emersyn. Unfortunately one night her desire to stay away from Alec by staying away from the family home would bring about repercussions no one could have ever seen. All it took to put her father in the line of fire by a sniper was drinks at a tavern, a dance and a kiss with Alec who found her and a determination to apologize to her dad while he walked the dog. A shadow of a man called out to her dad to leave something alone and her dad’s answer was never and a gunshot left her dad laying dead on the floor with a bullet that entered his body and went right into Emersyn.

Emersyn hasn’t even started at her new job at the Trace Evidence Unit and she was already deep into her dad’s death. In spite of being told by Alec and everyone else involved for her to stay out of it she was deaf to their pleas and she pushed ahead checking for evidence on her own only to find something that pointed to her and the possibility she planted evidence. Alec promised her dad he would protect her and while trying to find the killer and trying to find the sniper who has already killed five people and is now assumed to be the same killer as Emersyn’s dad he is finding it difficult to protect her and keep searching for the killer.

At Alec and her brother’s advice she has kept secret the fact that she witnessed a man in the shadows for fear that it would put a target on her head, but as much as they are trying to protect her she has been targeted at least twice. Alec and Emersyn have a love hate relationship and as they begin working together she begins to have feelings that are more love than hate but Alec has a past that has kept him from going anywhere near Emersyn in a romantic way, a past that he feels defines him, a past he can’t escape from and a past that her father was well aware of. His past is not the only one revealed because her father was involved in something forty years ago and there is a question as to what that involvement actually was and if that was what led to his death.

Little by little the walls around Alec and Emersyn come crashing down and together they find the killer, but finding him doesn’t come without a shocking surprise and betrayal. I loved this book and although we still don’t know who is the mastermind of everything that happened it was not a cliffhanger and only made me hungry for the next chapter.