The Forest Witch Book Cover The Forest Witch
The Arcanian Chronicles Book 7
Toni V. Sweeney
Paranormal Romance
Class Act Books
January 14, 2018

In Young Hawks Flying, Valriven kan Ingan, wounded and left for dead by the margrave’s men, is saved by Tamsin, a Ghermian forest witch.

With Hronhild the wolf-shifter, he becomes her companion. When he believes she and Hronhild die in a battle with a wizard’s minions, he returns to his quest of reuniting his brothers to fight Morling of Francovia.

Tamsin didn’t die, however, nor did Hronhild. Instead, they survived to continue their adventures and achieve whaat each desired most in life.

Here, then, is the complete story of Tamsin, the Forest Witch…

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I know that this is book #7 but since I didn’t read the others I have no problem saying that not reading the previous books had no effect on my enjoying this one. This is Tamsin’s story and it did not begin happily.

Tamsin was pledged to marry Hronhild but just before the wedding while gathering flowers she and the other women were attacked by the Mountain Wolves. Tamsin fought very hard against her attacker, Samric, but to no avail she was raped and it resulted in her becoming pregnant. Hronhild agreed to marry her if she got rid of the child but it was something she found herself unable to do. She was abandoned by everyone in the village including her own family and she was fortunate to find haven with Lis the midwife.

Tamsin gave birth to a boy she named Ossian, a boy she loved with all her heart in spite of how he was conceived. As Ossian grew her hatred for Samric grew to a point where all she could think about was revenge and killing him. It was the desire for revenge that ultimately set her on a destructive path that would keep her away from her son and in the service of Azmon the God of Devils and Demons.

Tamsin’s adventures over the years involved her meeting and saving Valriven kan Ingan and a shifter named Hronhild. She became a slave found herself having to save the very man she promised herself and Azmon she would kill and becoming a Forest Witch. Azmon was determined to use her until there was no humanity left in her and then she would belong to him totally.

So much happened to Tamsin and it could easily lead to me giving away spoilers which I so do not want to do. I will say that her quest for revenge put her into all kinds of trouble but I will not say more. Did she ever kill Samric? Did she ever reunite with her son? Why was she turned into the Forest witch? Does she lose all her humanity? All questions are answered and it was a very interesting ride until all was revealed.

There is rape, violence and betrayal but in spite of that it was a story of survival and I loved it.