The Gangster Book Cover The Gangster
Magic and Steam Book 2
C.S. Poe
LGBT Science Fiction/Historical/Steampunk/Romance
Emporium Press
January 12, 2021

1881—Special Agent Gillian Hamilton, magic caster for the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam, has recovered from injuries obtained while in Shallow Grave, Arizona. Now back in New York City, Gillian makes an arrest on New Year’s Eve that leads to information on a gangster, known only as Tick Tock, who’s perfected utilizing elemental magic ammunition. This report complicates Gillian’s holiday plans, specifically those with infamous outlaw, Gunner the Deadly, who promised they’d ring in 1882 together.

The two men stand on the cusp of a romance that needs to be explored intimately and privately. But when Gillian’s residence is broken into by a magical mechanical man who tries to murder him on behalf of Tick Tock, he and Gunner must immediately investigate the city’s ruthless street gangs before the illegal magic becomes a threat that cannot be contained.

This might be their most wild adventure yet, but criminal undergrounds can’t compare to the dangers of the heart. Gillian must balance his career in law enforcement with his love for a vigilante, or lose both entirely.

The novel-length follow-up to The Engineer, in the exciting new steampunk series, Magic & Steam.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This amazing second book of the Magic and Steam series opens up with our intrepid hero, Gillian Hamilton, in a new city.  Gillian is now in New York City, facing new enemies and figuring out his relationship with Constantine Gunner.  The narrative is full of so many delicious details that work to create a phenomenal steampunk atmosphere for the reader. It is so immersive you really feel like you are in the alternate universe and getting ready to celebrate the New Year….in 1881.


Then you add in fully developed characters that have you invested in them from the very first interaction.  The action in this book is addictive.  Poe throws in so many creative bad guys, that you never see the crazy twists until you are sitting there dumbfounded by what you just read!  Somehow in the middle of an amazing action-filled mystery, there is also an incredibly sweet and sexy romance going on.  The moments between Gillian and Constantine are so poignant.  They are learning each other in the present and also slowly revealing painful layers of their pasts.  Constantine Gunner’s ability to read Gillian gives him the ability to open up and share some truly traumatic moments in his past.  One of these revelations happens at the very end of the book, an amazing curveball which made me yell out loud.


Overall this is an amazing read.  I totally recommend this book for steampunk fans, romance fans, mystery fans….basically read this book if you like to read