The Hurt Handler Book Cover The Hurt Handler
Psy Squad Book 4
Linda Palmer
Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
Amazon Digital Services, LLC
May 18, 2018

Shiloh Nilsen lives at one end of the street. Nathan Conti lives at the other. In all her eighteen years, they’ve never met in the middle. Why? Because he attends a special school for psychics in Wyoming while she goes to their neighborhood public school, Dillon High, right there in Montana.

Nothing changes until Shiloh loses a treasured family heirloom--a ring that dates back centuries. Desperate to find it before her mom figures out it’s missing, Shiloh crashes a birthday party just to meet Nate. If the local newspaper is right, he has psychic gifts. She hopes one of them will help her out of a mess she can only blame on herself.

Nate reluctantly agrees to accompany her to a local ghost town, the last place she wore the ring. With the weather getting worse by the minute, they search everywhere she hiked until the skies open up and they’re forced to take shelter in the ruins. Huddled there, they talk about his psychic abilities, a conversation that opens Shiloh’s mind to what’s really out there.

Unfortunately, Nate’s conclusion about the ring’s location isn’t at all what Shiloh was expecting. Instead of getting closure, she’s faced with a new dilemma. She can either confess everything to her mom, who will be crushed, or she can confront the person who has the ring, a guy who, according to Nate, gives off some very bad vibes.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team  

Shiloh Nilsen is in trouble and her solution is to crash Nicole Conti’s sixteenth birthday party in the hopes of meeting her brother Nate. Nate has just graduated from a special school for psychics and Shiloh is in desperate need of his talent. Against her mother’s warning she borrowed a ring belonging to her great-great-great grandmother. She knew she wasn’t supposed to wear the ring but she was desperate to impress Jai Mallik, the boy everyone loved and every girl wanted.

While exploring an old west ghost town she lost the ring and it is her hope that Nate will go there with her and find out where the ring is. She had no idea that losing the ring would be the least of her problems and that the ring would become a deadly matter.

Nate is more than willing to help Shiloh and he discovers who is in possession of the ring. This knowledge and her pursuit of the ring would cause problems for her family, her and Nate. The one thing that she discovers while with Nate at the ghost town is she has a gift a gift that could help others in a big way only is she willing to work on that gift and possibly attend the special school Nate just graduated from.

Shiloh realizes that she has feelings for Nate but what would someone who lives on the rich side of the street and who is handsome, smart and talented want with her. Their relationship is not something I am willing to reveal. The story is wonderful and filled with suspense and definitely another winner for Linda Palmer who if you have not read her books yet should be the next ones on your list.