The Last Option Book Cover The Last Option
The Project Series, Book 17
Alex Lukeman
Action, Adventure
Amazon Digital Services LLC
July 23, 2018

A cabal of ruthless men set in motion a plot to ignite nuclear war, certain they will survive the resulting holocaust and rule what is left after the missiles stop flying.

Director Elizabeth Harker's aging Project team is called into action once again, but the odds are stacked high against them. A hostile president means to shut them down. Someone keeps trying to kill them. Nick and Selena's unborn children are in the line of fire. Even Selena's Russian half-sister is caught up in the deadly game, with consequences she'd never expected.

The doomsday clock is ticking. If the Project team doesn't stop the plot in time, the world will pay the price.

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Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

We Project followers are like trekkies now…..waiting for the next spine chilling addition to this fabulous series!!!! Alex Lukeman, storyteller extraordinaire, has kept us glued to these 17 books, whose pages take the reader all over the world, one enemy at a time.

The history found in these stories has been researched beautifully, Solomon’s Tomb and other artifacts titled, have played a part in our Project Team risking their lives and limbs for the American people.

Till now Elizabeth Harker and the team have all worked under the radar for President Rice,  who has trusted and  allowed the team to do their jobs ‘whatever it took’. President Rice it seems now has been replaced after a new election by a new President. Somehow this new President and Vice President very closely resembling our present leaders. Quite Chilling.

Again our author takes us on a mad ride to save humanity, the clock is ticking……..