The Making of Jonty Bloom Book Cover The Making of Jonty Bloom
Unfinished Business Book 1
Barbara Elsborg
MM Romance
Independently Published
July 1, 2020

Finding his fiancé in bed with his brother was bad enough, finding out they’re getting married is the final blow.

Devan Smith needs to cool his anger. He needs to forget the lies and betrayals and work on resetting his life. When his boss orders him to scope out a remote hotel for a possible buyout, Devan’s only interested in getting the job done and getting out. What he’s not interested in is the guy with the piercings, bleached hair, and the smart, kissable mouth behind the reception desk.

Working the hotel reception is the only thing that’s stable in Jonty Bloom’s unstable life. His best friend has had a terrible accident, his ex refuses to move on, and his eight-year-old self is still waiting for his mother to collect him from school. Jonty needs his job. What he doesn’t need is the rude, arrogant, and hot as they come guy who’s rocked up demanding he be let into his room right now.

Thrown together by a freak accident, Devan and Jonty’s lives entwine, and neither wants to loosen the knot. Can the irrepressible Jonty be the reset Devan needs? Can Devan be the making of Jonty Bloom, or will secrets drive them apart?

First in the Unfinished Business series. All books are standalones.

Reviewed By Aethena Drake
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This story is a wonderful vacation. I feel like I took a trip to Northumberland and met Jonty and Devan. I could smell the ocean air, I stayed at the hotel where Jonty is employed, and I had a brief moment of panic when we ventured into frigid coastal waters. I still want to smack a couple of the antagonists. Yes, there is more than one.

The cover of this book does a wonderful job of showing the reader what is waiting for them on the inside. The story of a lovely young man set in a hauntingly beautiful coastal town. As with previous books, Barbara Elsborg has created a complicated, angst filled, past for the main characters, and they are trying to survive the experience with a measure of sanity and humor still intact. Jonty’s journey isn’t going to be easy, but his story might offer some hope and guidance. His snarky comments and optimistic approach to life bring a bit of joy to the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed every page. There may or may not have been a few tears. There were definitely a few laughs. Jonty mentions maths at some very interesting moments, and his cooking skills are … exceptional. I didn’t want to reach the end.

This book has so many of the things I look for in a great story: dynamic characters, artfully crafted settings, an interesting plot, enough action to keep me flipping to the next page even though the cookies are about to burn, and the added bonus of an incredibly flexible surfer. The Making of Jonty Bloom is already on my frequent reread list, and I have high hopes that another book in this series will be too